Best areas for your stay in Phnom Penh

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Best areas for your stay in Phnom Penh

Hiding its charm in the exceptional landmarks of the Independence Monument, Royal Palace, crowded wet markets of Toul Tum Poung (Russian Market), the historic sites such as S-21, Killing Field; small food stands filling with an array of mouthwatering specialties, Phnom Penh is one of the most vibrant bustling capitals in Southeast Asia. For further information, you can click: Indochina tours Cambodia

Daun Penh – the commercial hub of Phnom Penh


Riverfront- source: internet

Covering a total area of 7.44 square kilometers with 11 Sangkat and 134 Krom, Daun Penh is the major district characterized by its tasteful mix of unique art deco architecture and culture in the Cambodia’s capital city.

What make Daun Penh the top travel hub in Phnom Penh in particular and in Cambodia in general are the riverside home to a host of cultural events & festivals, legends and structures containing historical value in harmony with modern establishments, tourism services, such as gyms, fitness and wellness centers, restaurants, bars, hotels, bus tickets, ferry tours, the night market, royal palace.

Daun Penh by night

Daun Penh by night- source: internet

The most notable sightseeing in the Daun Penh must be the royal palace gleaming in gold. If you want to admire the most splendid architectural achievements of Phnom Penh whenever you have free time, Daun Penh is the best area to stay. In addition, the Riverside area overlooking the great Tonle Sap River with plenty of markets as well as the best selection of restaurants and bars and fresh air and spectacular sceneries can definitely please any kinds of travelers. Just stroll around the riverside area and you can enjoy fun with uncountable entertainment options and all variety of awesome cuisines. In this tourist hub, you can still find a hotel for USD $22 per night. Cambodia tours and packages


Russian Market is the most famous landmark in Chamkarmon

Russian Market is the most famous landmark in Chamkarmon- source: internet

Covering an area of 10.56 square kilometers with 12 Sangkats and 95 Kroms, Chamkarmon, which is the southernmost district in central Phnom Penh, is an ideal place to stay if you are interested in Cambodia’s past and history. Chamkarmon has a good collection of tourist sites such as: S-21 Prison now turned into the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, the Independence memorials and Russian Market (Tuol Tom Poung Market), where tourists go for souvenirs and discounted name-brand clothing as well as to indulge in local food delicacies. Most of the best accommodation, pubs and food of this district concentrate on Samdach Sothearos Boulevard. Like the riverfront being the most popular with travelers in Daun Penh, Toul Tum Pong area is the most favorite one in the district of Chamkarmon. Besides booking a room at hotel/hostel/guesthouse, Airbnb is also a good choice if you are planning to stay for pretty long time in Chamkarmon. Depending on how long it is from your accommodation to other tourist attractions and how modern your Airbnb is, private room or shared room, 1 bed or 2 beds, entire apartment or entire condominium, etc. the price ranges significantly from USD $180 to USD $980 per month.

Tuol Kouk

Airbnb in Tuol Kouk

Airbnb in Tuol Kouk- source: internet

Having 10 Sangkats and 143 Kroms stretching a total area of 7.99 square kilometers, Tuol Kouk in the city of Phnom Penh is really famous for a large number of coffee houses sitting on almost every corner and cheap hotels, hostels and guesthouses. In spite of not having much to offer like Daun Penh and Chamkarmon, Toul Kouk, which is a stunning mixture of villas, small wooden houses, commercial warehouses and NGO offices, is great area for those who go on a tight budget. Within the walking distance from the city center are traditional restaurants and pubs as well as few local markets, where you can get a closer insight into the daily life of Phnom Penh’s people. Like Chamkarmon, airbnb is also popular in Toul Kouk. However, the price for this kind of accommodation is much less than that in Chamkarmon. Expect to pay from USD $10 (shared room) to USD $490 (private rooms with 6 beds).

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