Discovering Cambodia – the country of temples

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Discovering Cambodia – the country of temples

Besides the magnificent Koh Rong Samloem island, delicious dishes, Angkor temples with mysterious beauty are also an indispensable option in exploring Cambodia country. explore Angkor Wat with: Tours Cambodia and Indochina
Among them, Ta Prohm is the most special temple in the Angkor population. The temple was built in the Bayon style around the late 12th and early 13th centuries. Unlike other temples in Angkor, Ta Prohm seems to fall into oblivion. The temple became famous after being set in the movie “Secret of the Ancient Tomb” with the participation of famous actress – Angelina Jolie.

Ta Prohm is in tropical jungle, with ancient roots sticking to stone pillars, bare roofs or around the walls. But thanks to that, Ta Prohm temple becomes more special and strangely mysterious.

At the end of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century, during the conservation of Angkor’s population, the Ta Prohm temple was found. In 2013, archaeological research in India restored most parts of the temple, including wooden walkways, balustrades… to preserve remnants of ruins, preventing them from collapsing.

Ta Prohm in Temples of Angkor

Ta Prohm in Temples of Angkor- source: internet

Ta Prohm is like bringing people to another world, where nature absolutely reigns. If Angkor Wat is the evidence for the power and talent of the ancient Khmer heroes, Ta Prohm makes people think of the eternal power of nature. Until now, the temple has been ruined a lot, but the ruins of architecture, moss and huge roots seem to add to the enchanting and magical atmosphere of the temple. A statue hidden under the old tree roots. It is a weird thing that even if tree roots cover up the walls and the roof of the temple, the roots have avoided the statues, not covering its face. cambodia travel tours packages

Preah Khan Temple, also known as Jayasri, (these two names mean “Sword of Saints”), is one of the great temples of Angkor.

The temple exudes an ancient, sanctifying, sacred and wild look. In 1191, Preah Khan temple was built by King Jayavarman VII to commemorate his father – King Jayavarman VI. Jayavarman VII had built the Ta Prohm temple for his mother before. This temple is a Buddhist temple.

Like other temples, Preah Khan was abandoned after the Khmer empire collapsed. The temple is located far from the center, in the northeast of Angkor Thom, so visitors rarely visit here because it is too far.

Entrance to the inner Preah Khan Temple

Entrance to the inner Preah Khan Temple- source: internet

Banteay Kdei Temple is a temple in the Angkor area. The temple is in the southeast of Ta Prohm and the east of Angkor Thom. At present, the Banteay Kdei Temple falls into the severe condition of damage. Some of the temple’s large structures have collapsed. Coming here, the Buddha statues are mostly damaged due to the breakdown over time. However, anyone who visits the Banteay Kdei temple admire the sacredness as well as mystery when entering the temple.

Angkor Wat is considered as the eldest temples in Cambodia, the pinnacle of Khmer architecture. It is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-visit destination for tourists to visit this temple country.

A ritual in Angkor Wat – to tie thread around the wrist to wish for good luck and health. Red thread indicates luck, yellow thread represents health.

A beautiful corner at Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia

A beautiful corner at Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia- source: internet

Angkor Wat temple was built in the 11th century by King Suryavarman II. Initially, the temple was built for the Hindus, but when the Khmer Buddhist dynasty followed Buddhism, it turns Angkor Wat temple into a shrine for Buddhists. The temple is beautiful and dazzling, which is surrounded by a large wall. In front of the temple is a large lake. At separate times of the day, in the sun, the temple reappears in a colorful scene.

Coming to Cambodia right away to admire the beauty of Cambodia – the country of temples!

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