Dishes to enjoy in Siem Reap

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Dishes to enjoy in Siem Reap

Not only being famous as the Angkor Wat’s gateway, Siem Reap is also renowned for its stunning dishes, which have elegant presentation and harmonious textures and flavours. Simple, fresh and seasonal, each regional food has its own fare. Indochina tours Cambodia
Prahok ktis (Spicy Pork Dip)

Prahok ktis (Spicy Pork Dip)

Prahok ktis (Spicy Pork Dip)- source: internet

A fermented fish paste, crushed from finger-sized fish and salted down into plastics jars or bags to ferment for weeks or months, Prahok is considered as an indispensable part in most Cambodian food. Cambodians eat Prahok as a separate dish, or use it as a dipping sauce to be served with other dishes. No matter how way Prahok is eaten in, you will still be satisfied with how tasty it is. It completely shifts the bad-looking and smelly look to many awesome Cambodian delicacies.

Prahok ktis, a dip of prahok cooked with minced pork and coconut milk, flavored with a pounded paste that includes turmeric, lemongrass and galangal. It is the grease of pork, the tiny pea eggplants giving occasional bursts of bitterness, and the rich taste of coconut cream that control the assertive pungency of prahok. Giving this dish a nice touch is a plate full of fresh raw crispy vegetables served alongside including thin slices of sour green tomato. Prahok ktis gives diners a great introduction to the curry paste called kroeung and the use of Cambodian fermented fish called prahok in authentic Khmer cuisine as well as to Cambodian authentic food. Cambodia travel packages

Sour and pickled fruits

Sour and pickled fruits

Sour and pickled fruits- source: internet

In this kingdom of fruits, it is not difficult to meet locals women with baskets of various peeled and sliced green and ripe tropical fruits, such as: sapodilla, rose apple, cucumber, green papaya, guava, green mango, jujube, wax apple, etc. Generally, you can find one vendor selling all kinds of fruits on her own cart or a row of women sitting beside each other, each of whom specialize in one or a few different types of fruits. And to buy them, you just have to make a stop and choose what you want.

In a small bag of amazing sauce blending salt, sugar and other seasoning to dip the fruit into are lightly pickled fruits or the fresh but unripe ones. And finely sliced red chilies or pepper is a must-be-sprinkled ingredient. Interestingly, pickled fruit is a favorite snack of Cambodian women, lady boys or pregnant women. The sour taste of fruits, the sweet and subtly spicy flavor of sauce makes it a fantastic finger snack.


Though rice is available in all Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, the natural scent and the attractive appearance of Cambodian rice make it outstanding and astound numerous travelers all over the world. There are many rice paddies with numerous varieties of local rice around Siem Reap, so you can have a chance to enjoy the freshly harvested rice. The local sticky rice bamboo cooked with coconut served with mango or/and black bean, is what all those having a sweet tooth you should not miss to try.

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