What to eat for breakfast in Cambodia

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What to eat for breakfast in Cambodia

Unlike other countries, in Cambodia, breakfast is not considered as the most important meal of the day. Breakfast clearly represents the culture of this Kingdom.

Nom banh chok (Khmer noodles)

Simply called as Khmer noodles or sometimes num banh chok samlar Khmer, nom banh chok is a typical dish for breakfast loved by all Cambodians and travelers as well. to get more information, you can click: Indochina tours Cambodia

Khmer noodles

Khmer noodles- soure: internet

This ubiquitous breakfast, which includes laboriously made rice noodles garnished with a green fish-based gravy made from kaffir lime, lemongrass and turmeric root, can easily be found in the early morning at food stalls on all the streets throughout Cambodia or sold by women carrying ingredient baskets on their shoulders for less than a dollar. Heaped on top with fresh water lily stems, bean sprouts, green beans, mint leaves, basil, cucumbers, banana blossom, together with different kinds of vegetables, nom banh chok is a perfect healthy dish, especially for a warm morning. If you miss a bowl of nom banh chok for breakfast, let’s enjoy it as a mid-afternoon snack – like the way Khmer people do.


A nom banh chok stand

A nom banh chok stand- source: internet

Like other local food, Khmer noodles also have many regional variations. With more garlic and coconut milk, the noodle soup you can find in Siem Reap is served with a sweet sauce called tik pha em. Kampot’s own alternative of num banh chok has a creamier flavor thanks to the use of coconut cream, peanuts, locally-produced dried sweet shrimp and fish sauce. A red curry version of nom banh chok called nom banh chok samlor curry, which is served with a red fish curry sauce, is often reserved in some special events such as engagement, wedding festivities and ceremonial occasions. Cambodia travel tours

Kuy teav – The Most Favorite Dish For Breakfast in Cambodia

Considered as Khmer version of Vietnamese Pho (with the thinner noodles and the darker and sweeter broth), kuy teav is on top of breakfast dish in Cambodia list. Though it is simple to make this noodle soup, not many urban Cambodians choose to prepare it at home. They buy and enjoy it on the street instead.

Kuy teav

Kuy teav- source: internet

With rice vermicelli and rich broth cooked from beef or pork bones, dried squid and many condiments and garnish, the undisputed pride of the capital city impresses you right from the first spoon. A bowl of kuy teav is garnished with green onions, fried shallots and crispy raw bean sprouts. For a kick of taste, remember to enjoy this noodle soup with pickled chilies, spicy red chili paste and vinegar.

This extremely popular breakfast can be found at food carts lining up the sidewalks and all of the local markets till around 09:30 AM. Depending on the kinds of noodle dish that you choose, vermicelli noodles with fish balls and pork or noodles with beef, a bowl of kuy teav in the food area in the Central Market will set you back from 4,000 to 6,000 riel. A seasoned, hardboiled egg, intestines, liver, blood and tongue can also be added to the mix. A bowl of kuy teav, full of the taste of Cambodia, will keep you going all day.

Bobor Rice Porridge: Typical Cambodian Breakfast

Bobor rice porridge

Bobor rice porridge- source: internet

As rice and rice noodles heavily figure at the Cambodian style breakfast table, it is not surprise that a typical Cambodian breakfast is rice porridge, called bobor. Like cháo in Vietnam, jok in Thailand, khào piak in Laos, san byohk in Burma, Bobur in Cambodia is a popular dish to try in the mornings and evenings amongst local workers, especially in cold weather.

Best way to enjoy this national institution? Combine this thick and flavorful soup with a splash of ginger and either fish or poultry, congealed blood and offal. To make it more attractive, coriander and crunchy fried onions are sprinkled on top of the porridge. This simple but surprisingly light, tasty and easy to eat dish is one of the most preferred breakfast options.

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