Essential things to pack for Siem Reap

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Essential things to pack for Siem Reap

Climbing the UNESCO World Heritage Site of hundreds of temples of Angkor Wat might be the main reason for a visit to Siem Reap of many people. To make you the most stunning excursion, a little planning is understandably required. Visit Siem Reap with: Indochina holidays Cambodia
Siem Reap’s weather

Like other destinations in South East Asia, Siem Reap’s climate is also affected by a tropical climate resulting in 2 seasons: a rainy season and a dry one. The dry season is the most popular choice among travelers to Siem Reap but this city can be visited all year round thanks to its mild climate.

Dry or hot season

Khmer New Year

Khmer New Year- source: internet

During the dry season running from November until April, with the highest temperature of 35 degree Celsius and the lowest of 25 degrees Celsius, it is humid, sunny and warm. The winter time running from the beginning of December to the very end of January is also the best time to visit Angkor Wat. With the endurable temperatures and clear skies, this time of the year is also the best time for those who want to immerse in the really impressive sunrises and sunsets. In spite of being the hottest month in a year, April, when the Cambodians celebrate Khmer New Year, is a great time to visit Siem Reap for colorful celebration and exciting festival atmosphere.

Rainy or Wet season

Wet season in Siem Reap

Wet season in Siem Reap- source: internet

The wet or monsoon season running from May till the very end of October also marks the beginning of the rice planting season in Siem Reap. Heavy rain showers can be expected but though they do not last for too long. So, don’t let its name prevent you from enjoying an interesting trip to Siem Reap! For photographers, the wettest months of the year – September and October, when the views and landscape are glory and picturesque are really the best time to visit. Cambodia travel tours

What to pack for Siem Reap

As climbing the Angkor Wat means you will be climbing on narrow, steep surfaces with uneven steps, it is a must to wear comfortable shoes. Uncomfortable walking shoes are likely to prevent you from getting the stunning views for yourself even when reaching the top.

Siem Reap is pretty hot all year round, the heat and the humidity combining to make you sweat a lot even in rainy season, which means that sleeveless tops or tank tops are must-items to tour around the city. However, when you want to visit these ancient temples like the Angkor Complex, it is not appropriate to wear these kinds of clothing. It is necessary to pack light, but packing right is even more essential. According to some experienced travelers, those who wear inappropriate clothing, might even be escorted out of the sacred temples, whose great structure needs being paid respect to.

Cover up in light and thin clothes when going to Siem Reap will not only protect you against the sun and mosquitoes but also show your respect to this country modest culture. Know what to wear will give you an enjoyable trip to the land of the Angkor Wat.

Medicines and Toiletries

Medicines and toiletries for Siem Reap

Medicines and toiletries for Siem Reap- source: internet

How much you enjoy your trip to Siem Reap depends on how well stocked your toiletry bag is. If not being immediately treated, all these minor ailments such as: sunburn, skin rashes, allergies, upset stomachs, cuts and scratches, can definitely ruin your vacation enjoyment. Therefore, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, travel first aid kit, indigestion medicine, diarrhea tablets, hand sanitizer, well designed toiletry bag, quick drying towel and bottled water are indispensable.

Other Things to Bring

It is still recommended to bring with you snacks and extra water if visiting more far-flung sites in spite of a large number of food stalls and small shops near Angkor’s major temples. Small bills in a mix of Cambodian riel and USD for tips, vendors and snacks are not a bad idea.

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