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Get closer to the Cambodia’s nature

If the crazy atmosphere at the backpacker-oriented town of Vang Vieng, the historic sites and ancient temples in Siem Reap are not your thing, it’s high time to go for the beauty of Cambodia’s nature! To get more information, you can click: Travel Cambodia and Indochina

Elephant Valley Project – Mondulkiri

Elephant Valley Project

Elephant Valley Project- source: internet

11 kilometers from the town of Sen Monorom, the capital of in Mondulkiri, a 12-hour drive from Siem Reap and a 6-hour ride from Phnom Penh, the Elephant Valley Project, which covers a total area of more than 1500 hectares of bamboo groves, forest and grassland dedicated to the conservation of the elephants, is the Asia’s largest captive elephant sanctuary. Having confronted so many difficulties since war, Cambodia’s elephants are now becoming more vulnerable. In the past, they were used in homestead work while at present, they play an important role in many other requesting vocations, especially tourism. Therefore, the innovative Elephant Valley Project was established with the goal of enhancing the health and safety of these elephants living in Mondulkiri Province, some of which suffer malnutrition, overwork and abuse and working in harmony with local people to solve these problems they are facing with.

A visit to the EVP gives you a chance to see elephants in their natural environment

A visit to the EVP gives you a chance to see elephants in their natural environment- source: internet

The complete antithesis of the ordinary tourist theme-park, the Elephant Valley Project is a perfect location for the rehabilitation, a haven for these endangered animals. Don’t expect any elephant rides here! Instead, you will simply be accompanied with Khmer elephant handlers called mahouts and spend time with two resident elephant families, walking with them through the forest and see them in their natural environment. In this 1-day interesting and meaningful visit, you will also have a chance to talk with the local mahouts to know more about elephant behavior as well as Bunong forest ecology and culture.

In addition to the knowledge about the fascinating past and current rehabilitation process, you will also gain experience in farming, gardening, farming and construction. If you have more time to spare, let’s stay at backpacker dorms or private bungalows at the Project site to have more unforgettable memories. Cambodia travel and tours

Yeak Lom Lake – Ratanakiri

Yeak Lom Lake

Yeak Lợm Lake -source: internet

Formed from a volcano few centuries ago, Beung Yeak Laom which is about 5 kilometers south of Ratanakiri provincial town is a place of worship for local hill tribes in northeastern Ratanakiri province. With clear water, about 800 meters in diameter and 48 meters in depth, this square-shaped lake is perfect for swimming experiences. Moreover, an oasis of pristine serenity of Beung Yeak Laom is also popular with those who like to hike for relaxation in the forest surrounding.

Going along the bank of Yeak Lom Lake, you can be leisurely immersed in the impressive 360 degree view of the lake itself and the flora and fauna and visit the lovely bird sanctuary. Moreover, don’t miss an amazing chance to talk with local hill-tribe people to discover the indigenous culture as well as experience their daily activities.

At the tourist center on the west bank, you will not only get useful information but also buy some colorful handicrafts meticulously made by ethnic people living nearby as souvenirs to bring back home. For a wider range of musical instruments, hand-woven scarves and other native arts and crafts, let’s visit the nearby markets. And due to the lack of tourism service, it is wise to prepare your own food and beverages.

Koh Kong Conservation Corridor – Siem Reap

Koh Kong Conservation Corridor

Koh Kong Conservation Corridor- source: internet

Stretching from Koh Kong to the Kompong Som Gulf, Koh Kong Conservation Corridor, where you can visit the most spectacular natural wonders in Cambodia, is an ideal treat for those who venture away from Siem Reap. Besides the dense tropical rainforests extending across the range, which is home to a large number of kinds of plants and animals, the Cardamom Mountains, with huge virgin rainforest, peaks at thousand meters height, nearly 20 main waterways and many animal species on edge of distinction, will also offer unparalleled natural sightseeing.

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