A Guide to The Best Eats - What to eat in Chiang Mai

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A Guide to The Best Eats – What to eat in Chiang Mai

Wherever you go to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, there’s one thing really outstanding about this place: their food! It’s pretty much like a paradise: modern yet conventional and amazingly clean while never sterile. A month in Chiang Mai was merely enough for us to completely fall head over heel for Thailand’s beautiful city filled with unbelievable temples, night markets, expats, coffee shops, and above all is their trendy food. indochina tours Thailand
The food here remains so true to the flavorful Thai food roots, all thanks to the amazing ingredients such as chillis, turmeric, coconut, makrut limes, etc. So what to eat in Chiang Mai that makes this place so hot and desireable?

street food in Chiang Mai

street food in Chiang Mai- source: internet

Must-Read Chiang Mai Food Guide

This is the city where people usually land on the cracked sidewalks to reach food served under the tin roofs and on the folding tables. Their flavors impress us the most when they’re all intense and deep thanks to the wise use of the Thai traditional ingredients. For some tourists, they usually rented the apartment that has one kitchen for the month, but most of them would choose to eat out a lot.

Well, let’s face it since there are so many good things to find out and eat in Chiang Mai, especially their street food here. They’re quite cheap so it won’t be nice to cook at home alone. As one bonus for travelers, the best spots to eat in Chiang Mai are abundant, from malls, markets, restaurants to shacks. Then what to eat in Chiang Mai that makes this the best Northern Thai foodie heaven? Tours to Indochina


A Thai boat noodle soup in Chiang Mai

A Thai boat noodle soup in Chiang Mai- source: internet

We can eat rice noodles like every corner of Chiang Mai and won’t be tired of their unique taste and texture at all. That’s not an exaggeration, especially when rice noodles are the staple dish served here with all sorts of herbs, proteins and veggies. And if you want to savor Pad Thai, the dish is also here in this region.

Besides, Kuay Tiew Rang Sit Go-Heng will be the best spot for us to stop by for a boat noodle soup. Once trying it out, you appear in the whole paradise. The dish has its root around the floating markets of Ayutthaya, and its secret would like in the blood of pork ingredient. But don’t worry because you won’t know if there’s blood in the soup or not since all you know is just eating it up to enjoy the richest and most flavorful dish!

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