Koh Rong: a heaven-like island in Cambodia

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Koh Rong: a heaven-like island in Cambodia

Cambodia reminds us about the ancient temples such as Angkor Wat or Angkor Thom, but have you ever considered its natural beaches as a holiday destination? Koh Rog Island with glorious beaches is highly recommended. Koh Rong- the second largest island in Cambodia belongs to Koh Kong Province in Cambodia. It is about 25 kilometers off the Sihanoukville’s coast in the Gulf of Thailand. The area of this island is about 78 km2 and the total length of beaches is 43 km. To Koh Rong Island, visitors have a chance to enjoy a spectacular beauty of beaches with white sand, clear emerald waters and breathtaking sea view or discover the new world under the sea and so on. Explore Koh Rong with: Indochina tours and Cambodia

The view of Koh Rong Island

The view of Koh Rong Island -source: internet

The experiences in Koh Rong Island are memorable. Honestly, this island is unspoiled and untouched by many people, so its beauty is more naturally stunning. In the island, there are few residents and just 4 small villages. The atmosphere is peaceful in an unexplainable way. At the present, few accomodation with bungalows or rooms owned by European people exist here. Although they are small, but beautiful and they can help you feel more relax, comfortable. Coming here is a trip to escape from hustling and bustling modern life with no internet connection, no electricity in day time. There is electricity from 6 p.m to 10p.m to serve some night activities such as club or bars at European small restaurant. Cambodia travel tours and packages

At the early morning, when walking up and stretching your arms in front of sea, a fresh and cool feeling can spread the whole body and mind. You can admire the stunning beauty of white sand and clear emerald waters when walking along the long beaches. Wait some minutes for an astonishing sunrise from the horizon. Sunrise in the sea is always an inspiration, especially in the beautiful Koh Rong Island. Come here and enjoy it. After enjoying the glorious sunrise, you can sit on the white sand and digest an interesting book at the peaceful atmosphere.

The clear emerald water in Koh Long Island

The clear emerald water in Koh Long Island -source: internet

Besides enjoying the sunrise, you can become a member of dive group to take part in an adventurous journey to discover the world under the sea. The temperature of the water in Koh Rong Island is perfect for diving activities. It is around 28-30°C (82-86°F) at any time in one year. It is claimed that Koh Rong is home to a wide range of marine animals. Some brilliantly colored creatures which surprise you are composed of seahorses, nudibranch, butterfly fish, clown fish and angelfish. In addition, you can have chance to see huge cobia and barracuda at any dive sites. If you are not well-experienced diver, remember to be trained before participating in this dangerous activity.

Diving activity

Diving activity -source: internet

Snorkelling – a boat trip tour is an activity which you cannot ignore. Boat trip tour includes travelling to three islands, seeing sunset in Long Beach, enjoying BBQ party and seeing plankton – a fish having ability to shine at night and so on. Actually, when seeing plankton, you can feel that you are watching starts on the sea surface. What is such an impressive scene! The price of a boat trip tour can vary from 10 to 15 USD.

The plankton at night

The plankton at night -source: internet

Here are some places you can meet when reaching Koh Rong Island. The Beach Resort, Ataman, Saracen Bay and Freedom are some resorts with good services and nice arrangement. Robison beach in the Western of the Beach resort is a suggestion for you. Before coming here, you can undergo a trip through the forest. To Robinson beach, wooden Huba Huba is an interesting site to see the whole view of this beach.

Koh Rong is regared as a paradise and a heaven in the beach. To someone who has ever visit here, this time is unforgettable. What about you?

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