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Water festival in Cambodia

Have you ever joined in Water festival in Cambodia? Or have you ever thought that you will have a great album of wedding photos in Cambodia in the occasion of Water festival? It is so unique. Today, I will take you to Water festival in Cambodia. I bet that you will enjoy it and have memorable moment if you take part in Water festival with friendly residents in Cambodia. Indochina tours cambodia

A couple chooses Water festival to make their album of wedding photos

A couple chooses Water festival to make their album of wedding photos-source: http://dulichcambodia.com/

When does Water festival take place?

Water festival in Cambodia is named Bom Chaul Chnam. This festival takes place from 13rd to 15th of April every year. Water festival is held in the same date to traditional New Year’s Day named Chol Chnam Thmay of Cambodia. The first Water Festival was formed time long ago to celebrate a bumper rice crop harvest people splash each other with the hope of a new successful harvest.

In Water festival, Cambodian residents bring fresh flowers and sacrifice to pagodas in order to worship Buddha. People will listen to Biblical lectures, perform Buddha bathing ritual, arrange flowers and flags into the top of sand stupas. Then, people gather on the street and splash into each other. Splashing water into each other is regarded as a wish for New Year.

Serendipity Water Festival in Cambodia

Serendipity Water Festival in Cambodia-source: https://travel.com.vn/

Interesting experiences in Water Festival in Cambodia

* You will have chance to enjoy traditional Apsara dance in Water Festival.

Performing traditional Apsara dance is the main activity of Water Festival in Cambodia. In Water Festival, you will be enjoyed with the performance of traditional Apsara dance. You will understand more of the Cambodian’s physical and spirit life. In the past, Apsara dance was only performed for Kings and kings the nobility in the palace in the Palace. Nowadays, this dance is widely performed in the occasion of holidays or festival. Apsara dance has become the asset and the soul of pretty Cambodia. You will have chance to admire beautiful girls with brilliant make up who perform famous mellifluous classic dance with the neatness, noble and gentle gestures.

Apsara dance- an unique culture of Cambodia

Apsara dance- an unique culture of Cambodia-source: https://www.ivivu.com/

* You will get the chance of playing with water

In Water festival, Cambodia people splash water on each other instead of saying the best wish in New Year. Not only local people but also tourists are eager to join in Water festival. Regardless of adults, children, tourists, regardless of skin color, they all join into the funny splash water on each other in a cordial atmosphere. People will prepare their own with tools to splash water engage cool splash screen as buckets, pots, water guns… There have services of providing water for participants in Water festival; it makes Water festival more attractive and happier. Some of my friends told me that they are going to make albums of wedding photos in Cambodia next year. Some other people said that they would like to travel to Cambodia to join in funny Water festival, to experience Cambodia festival with hospitable Cambodian residents. These are great ideas. Cambodia tour packages

Tourists and local people are eager in Water festival together in Cambodia

Tourists and local people are eager in Water festival together in Cambodia-source:

You shouldn’t forget to taste Khmer traditional cuisines in Water festival

Traveling to Cambodia in Water festival, tourists not only have chance to play with water but also taste Khmer traditional cuisines like Amok, Khmer red curry, Chinese sausage, fried crabs, beef fried with ants… When tasting these cuisines in Cambodia, people drink aromatic palm wine. These foods and beverage in Cambodia will certainly make you satisfied. Leaving your work for some days and enjoy your trip with Water festival in Cambodia, taste special foods and drink Cambodian wine will bring relaxation to you. You will laugh more and gain energy to work again after an attractive trip to Cambodia with Water festival.

Amok- a famous street cuisine in Cambodia

Amok- a famous street cuisine in Cambodia-source: http://btrip.vn/

Traveling to Cambodia on the occasion of Water festival will bring you happy and funny moments. Don’t forget to taste special cuisines in Cambodia when you are in Water festival.