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Angkor Wat is considered as the most precious jewel of Cambodia. Visiting here you would have opportunity to discover the beauty of unique temples with unforgettable experiences. In order to help tourists have smooth and exhilarating trips, this article would provide some advice about How to visit Angkor Wat? Explore with: Indochina travel Cambodia

How to visit Angkor Wat

How to visit Angkor Wat- source : internet

The western and central city of Siem Reap is home to the relics and temples that make up more than half of the province’s area (10,299 km²). From Siem Reap, if people want to go to Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom or any other temples, each one has to buy entrance ticket. Entrance ticket here is valid and usable for any destination.

On the tickets are photos of visitors (taken on the spot when buying tickets). Its price, validity date are printed clearly and the rules “not transferable to others” is also specified. Entrance ticket in Angkor Wat is $ 20 one day; three-day ticket is 40 dollars and one-week ticket is 60 dollars. Actually, if you buy a ticket for three days, it does not mean that you have to come in three days continuously, it means you will be allowed to enter the door three times in seven days. For example, if you buy a $ 40 ticket on June 1st, which will be valid until June 7th; each time entering the door, the ticket is punched a hole. A $ 60 one-week pass means you can visit 7 times at any day in one month. Cambodia travel guide

People have to buy entrance ticket to visit Angkor Wat

People have to buy entrance ticket to visit Angkor Wat- source: internet

It can be seen that you should not buy a $ 20 ticket, as it is impossible to visit immense Angkor Wat in one day. Opening time for visitors is from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm (ticket office starts at 0500). Even a young, healthy traveler visiting Angkor throughout 12 hours continuously, without stopping to relax, or eat and drink something…, he can only walk around Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom only.

You should buy three-day or one

You should buy three-day or one- source: internet

For those who have much free time and want to hunt good pictures, they need at least a one-week, $ 60 ticket. The most convenient transportation in Siem Reap to tourist destinations is the tuk tuk. Tourists might want to rent bikes wandering in the city center and of course if they’re interested in exploring night markets, no experience is better than going on foot.

Perhaps the most suitable ticket for many people is the three-day ticket, which is priced at $ 40. The first day you should go to the nearest place is Angkor Wat. This place is very wide but the car is not accessible so visitors have to walk, climb the ladder pretty much everywhere, while the trees are very few along the way. Therefore, do not forget to bring a wide-brimmed hat or umbrella. If you forget to bring a hat from your country, you can buy it in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Especially, do not buy a hat in the front of Angkor Wat, because perhaps you will be overcharged twice the common price – or more – than anywhere else!

Visitors have to walk under the sun, rare tree shade along the way

Visitors have to walk under the sun, rare tree shade along the way- source: internet

In addition to the camera, each person should carry their own water. Visitors have to walk under the sun, rare tree shade along the way … At that time, if you want to go to buy some water, you have to walk more to go to the shop. Moreover, the price there is also expensive.

Inside Angkor Wat, there are some places which are not managed by Relics management board so local people often make money by burning incense sticks and giving them to visitors praying in front of the statues. Unless you really want to worship some incense, take them and bow; if not, you should refuse immediately. When you hold their incense stick and do as they say, when you finish worshipping, they will ask for money.

Cambodia is famous for temples and pagodas with unique architecture. As a result, it has become a tourism-thriving country. The most special places you should not miss when traveling Cambodia is Angkor Area. The article above is some travel experience that we want to share if you’re wondering how to visit Angkor Wat.

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