How to admire all the Cambodia’s highlights in a few-day trip

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How to admire all the Cambodia’s highlights in a few-day trip

A trip to Cambodia provides travelers another window on the soul of the Southeast Asia. The spectacular temples of Angkor are incomparable, and beyond the rich heritage of the ancient Khmer empire situated the busy capital of Phnom Penh, some kilometers of isolate tropical beaches, the mighty Mekong River, a rich culture and some of the most hospitable people in the region. Cambodia is full of surprises, so plan your trip here for the adventure. Travel Indochina

Angkor Wat – symbol of Cambodia

Angkor Wat – symbol of Cambodia – source:

If you are preparing for your trip to this gem, it is advisable to remember that during December and January when the humidity and rainfall are relatively low is the best time to go. While this is also the highest tourism season and the crowds will be thick, there is something to enjoy in the clang and incredibly glamour of all the chaos in Cambodia. Time it right to join in the Lunar New Year.

If you want to escape from the crowds, around October when the rain seems to come in short, sharp downpour is a much more suitable choice. At this time of year, Angkor is encompassed by lush foliage while the huge deep moats are full of water. Tours in Cambodia

Cave Pagoda

Cave Pagoda – source:

No matter what your starting point is, from Siem Reap and head to the south, or travel to the north Angkor, it is such an ultimate trip, via ancient temples, magnificent beaches and the marvelous capital. Once coming to Phnom Penh, you should not miss a chance to visit a wide variety of sightseeing here such as the amazing National Museum, with its awesome Angkorian sculpture collection as well as the magnificent Silver Pagoda. Psar Tuol Tom Pong where you can enjoy superb shopping and a night shift that never sleeps is also a must do thing.

Take a high speed boat to Phnom Da and then head to the south to the colonial-era town of Kampot. From here, set your pace in Bokor Hill Station, the seaside town of Kep and the cave pagodas at Phnom Sorsia and Phnom Chhnork. Head to west to Shianoukville, the beach capital of Cambodia, to taste the seafood specialties, dive the nearby waters or just simply sunbathe. Via Phnom Penh travel back to Kompong Thom and catch a deeper glimpse of what is to come by paying a visit to the pre-Angkorian temples of Sambor Prei Kuk which was built with brick.

Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean – source:

End your trip at Angkor, an unforgettable experience with which few places can compare. Explore Angkor Wat, perfection in stone; Bayon, outlandishness in stone; and Ta Prohm, nature triumphing over stone – before continuing your adventure farther afield to Kbal Spean or jungle-clad Beng Mealea.

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