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Advices when traveling to Myanmar

There are more and more travellers venturing to this alluring country of Myanmar (also known as Burma) because it resumes opening up to the outside world. As Myanmar is experiencing a pretty fast transition, travelers can meet some difficulties searching for the latest information on what can expect on their visit to this country. Indochina travel Myanmar


Hotel in Yangon

Hotel in Yangon – source:

The enormous increase in the number of visitors since ratifications that were lifted in 2012 has made the tourist infrastructure of Myanmar to the limit. Although they are building many new hotels, in major destinations such as Yangon and Bagan, there is a shortage of hotel rooms. As far as a month in advance, accommodation in Yangon fills up, especially in case it is listed in places-should-not-miss guidebook. There are still available rooms but not too many and you will meet some difficulties rolling up and finding them. It can be even troublesome and stressful as you will likely end up paying for a room more than you expect. Now, most hotels in Myanmar can be booked online, so it is highly recommend to make a room reservation as soon as possible. Particularly during high season from November to March, it is essential to book ahead. If you go to some rural areas, if there are no rooms available, monasteries will take you in for a small fee. Tours in Myanmar

Keeping in touch

It does not cost you much to get a SIM in Myanmar

It does not cost you much to get a SIM in Myanmar – source:

In Yangon and Mandalay, you will have no trouble getting a cheap SIM card of which you can take advantage to make calls and access the internet. Online access has been more popular and free wireless Internet access has become the standard of most hotels, guesthouses and cafes. Now, the Internet is even spreading to many more distant destinations.

Not permitted zones

Mrauk U

Mrauk U – source:

Because of the severe ongoing conflict between the government and several ethnic armies clustered in northern and eastern Myanmar, there are some parts in Myanmar remaining closed to visitors. Most of them gather in Shan States and Kachin, which are situated not close to the major tourist destinations and not far from the borders with China and Thailand. Even though some countries such as Australia and the UK still advise against visit to Rakhine State in western Myanmar, Mrauk U is now witnessing more rising amounts of tourists.

Right information on conflicts and nearby areas can be not easy to come by. Before your visit, you need to check the advice of your government and ask about all the imaginary situations when you go to Myanmar.

Getting Around

Traveling by boat

Traveling by boat – source:

If you do not fly, any travel in Myanmar will take much time. For example, you will have to spend nine hours traveling by bus from Yangon to Mandalay. Traveling by bus always takes you less time than traveling by train, but bus rides are rough – it is advisable to take tablets for car sick with you. For some routes, traveling by boat is also an ideal option; among which, the most popular one among travelers is Mandalay–Bagan service.

The main hub for domestic flights is the Yangon International Airport, and there is a wide selection of services connecting some big centers of the country. Air Bagan and Myanmar National Airlines are domestic airlines. Note that once you are in Myanmar, you will have less difficulty booking cheaper domestic flights through agencies.

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