Battambang: Cambodia's lesser-known city

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Battambang: Cambodia’s lesser-known city

The interesting city of  in the northwest Cambodia Battambang seem to have a sleepy atmosphere different from the more bustling center of Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Siem Reap but having adventure here, travelers will have a chance to join in plenty of excuses to linger. Tours indochina Cambodia

The bamboo train

The Bamboo Train

The Bamboo Train – source:

The Bamboo Train in Battambang is regarded as the most interesting thing you can do on a bamboo ground that has been jimmied up with wheels together with an engine. This unused old French rail row offered an essential transport connection between the east side of Battambang and the village of O Sra Lev for many years. The ‘trains’ (known locally as norries), which simply compose of a bamboo and solid frame, a set of bogies and a gasoline-powered engine used to transport goods and passengers along the line. When having constructed fine roads connecting the O Sra Lev to the outside road, they did not use this ingenious transport system as much as in the past, but tourism prevented it from going useless.

Especially in case you have kids in tow, revving up to speeds of 15km per hour along the old curved trails is sportive fun and is by far one of the most incredible rail journeys you have ever experienced. When meeting a norry going on the other way and the drivers quickly disassembled one norry to pass is the time you meet the true brilliance of the system. Tours In Cambodia

Village life

Village life

Village life – source:

Just outside of the city of Battambang, sitting readily between the rolling various layer quilts of rice fields, are petit villages of wobbly traditional stilted houses, where big pigs sleepily lie by the road and buffalo nap beside bosomy hay bundles. Book tour in one of the two best excellent tour operators in Battambang Soksabike and Butterfly Bicycle Tours to enjoy a half-day trip tootling around the rough lanes by tuk-tuk or by bicycle tour is one of the most efficient ways to discover Khmer local village daily life.

Head to Somrong Knong to taste authentic kralan (sticky rice stuffed with beans and coconut milk boiled in a bamboo tube over charcoal) from the hospitable roadside vendors or go to Pheam Ek village to know the way local ladies making wrap spring rolls. If your nose can feel it, make a stop at the busy factory producing prahoc, where they manufacture the most favorite fermented fish-paste condiment of Cambodia. Rows upon rows of fresh fish are put along the way drying in the sun here.

A night at the circus

A night at the circus in Battambang

A night at the circus in Battambang – source:

The amazing circus Phare Ponleu Selpak in Cambodia is more well-known for its incredible shows in Siem Reap but actually its origin is in Battambang. The Phare here is a training center providing complimentary courses to the youth in difficult condition in a wide variety of arts, from circus skills and theatre to music and painting. The dazzling circus shows under the centre’s big top, presented by current students are held three or four evenings each week and are definitely one of the best highlights of Battambang. Guided tours of the centre are also offered during the day for visitors who want a take a sly look behind the scenes.

Being a beautiful walkable center with bags of old architectural charm providing day journeys to unique ancient temples and lively traditional villages – together with the great opportunity to ride on a bamboo train – are just a few reasons why you should put Battambang on your Cambodia itinerary.