The Most Beautiful Towns In Cambodia

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The Most Beautiful Towns In Cambodia

You are heading for Cambodia for beautiful scenery, charming nature and a closer insight into rural life and then, the most stunning towns in Cambodia are the places to go. Travel Indochina and Cambodia

Koh Rong

Koh Rong

Koh Rong- source: internet

If you are looking for a pristine beach with crystal clear waters without the crowds you find in neighboring Thailand, let’s visit Koh Rong. In the slice of paradise, you will have a chance to a serenity reign and laid-back atmosphere. Trekking, diving and snorkeling trips to the lush interiors are able to be arranged, and there are enough high quality facilities to ensure an unforgettable enjoyable trip. This island still remains undeveloped, which means you cannot find luxury facilities or resorts there, but this is for those who are looking for simple, natural beauty.



Sihanoukville- source: intenet

Developed to accommodate the country’s first deep-water port in the late 1950s, Sihanoukville is a coastal town in the south of Cambodia and also home to a vibrant nightlife. Few years later, it had already become the prime seaside resort destination in Cambodia. Unlike other Cambodia’s coastal towns, Sihanoukville can accommodate all kinds of travelers, from the backpackers to the luxury seekers, which explains the reason why the jet setters – from the capital city head there on weekends.


Kampot – a quiet town famous for being the pepper capital of the world is one of the top destinations for nature in Cambodia. It is the impressive range of small secluded bungalows and riverside restaurants combined with the charm of Cambodian small towns that make this place an ideal place to relax in. Also, Kampot provides a stunning base for those who wish to visit the Bokor National Park as well as its French colonial hill station. Cambodia travel packages

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh – a beautiful example of a resilient city which was successfully and incredibly rebuilt after a war is known as the pearl of Asia. Phnom Penh amazes travelers with its fancy restaurants, shiny Royal Palace and many temples, colorful local markets, scenic riverside promenade and much more.



Kratie- source: internet

Kratie, which is situated on the banks of the beautiful Mekong River, is a small Cambodian town with traditional Khmer buildings, old and stunning French colonial buildings and a colorful market. It is a popular destination among travelers who head there to meet the Cambodia’s rare and beautiful Irrawaddy dolphin. Estimates suggest that in this area, there are only around 70 dolphins still living. Coming to Kratie, you can simply have relaxing time and enjoy the best of Cambodia’s rural life.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap-gateway to Angkor complex

Siem Reap-gateway to Angkor complex- source: internet

Siem Reap, the town well known for being the gateway to the ancient and magnificent Angkor temple complex, is where you can admire the unbeatable sunrise views against the backdrop of the gorgeous temples. However, this town itself has recently beginning to gain its popularity for its tree-lined boulevards, intriguing markets, popular bars and small shops. Also, Siem Reap is home to a wide range of cultural experiences, including tasty street food and stunning dance performances.



Chi-phat – source: internet

Chi Phat, which is situated in the Koh Kong Province, is a commune of four villages with an estimated population of around 3000. Locals live off agriculture, fishing and now ecotourism. Spending time there and you will have a closer glimpse into authentic rural life of Cambodian. Life is very simple with few facilities and pristine nature. There, you can cycle, kayak, trek, and mingle with residents alike. These intrepid travelers, who are avid to stay in a village where the villagers themselves protect the environment, control tourism and act as guides, will find it an ideal place.


Being the second-largest Cambodian town, Battambang features a unique charming countryside scenery and laid-back nightlife. This colonial riverside town is a popular destination for those who want to unwind and take in the beauty of nature and rural daily life, while experiencing the best of artsy boutique hotels, original restaurants and quirky cafés. If having a chance to go there, don’t miss out on the bamboo train, a quirky railway running just outside of this city. An unforgettable experience!



Kep- source: internet

Once Cambodia’s most popular beach town, Kep has recently been the slowly abandoned town. Nonetheless, its former splendor still remains pretty evident. Impressive statues line the waters and sidewalks are wide. Unlike the other white sand beaches in Sihanoukville, dominating the beach scenery here is black rocks and mangroves. Tasty yet cheap seafood and the easy access to the pristine island of Koh Tunsay also make a trip to Kep well worth your time.

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