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Best temples in Angkor

It cannot be denied that Angkor is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world with numerous old and famous temples that are built in between 12th and 13th centuries. Being the center of the Khmer empire in the past, Angkor remains its value up to now. Let’s discover the best temples that are worth a visit in Angkor!

Ta Prohm in Angkor

Ta Prohm is impressed with gigantic roots

Ta Prohm is impressed with gigantic roots -source: internet

Ta Prohm might be the most well-known temple in Angkor region. This temple was built in Bayon style in the 12th century. Any tourists who travel to Ta Prohm are impressed by ancient and photogenic trees. The gigantic roots wrapping around the ruins enhances Ta Prohm’s uniqueness. The temple looks more ancient with green moss covering the facade. Just travel to Angkor to admire the mystery feature of Ta Prohm temple. Indochina travel Cambodia

Prasat Kravan

Prasat Kravan

Prasat Kravan -source: internet

The first thing you see when traveling to Prasat Kravan is the facade which includes symmetrical red brick towers. The most noticeable feature of Prasat Kravan is the muted color of the stones that the temple was made of.

Ta Som

The entrance of Ta Som

The entrance of Ta Som -source: internet

Ta Som is also a temple with giant roots like Ta Phrom. Ta Som is not only special by these massive roots, but also impressing with its entrance. The entrance looks like a stupa with a Buddha image on the facade.

Preah Khan

Preah Khan -source: internet

Preah Khan -source: internet

This is one of the most fascinating and photogenic temples in Angkor, therefore don’t miss out it when traveling to this region. Preah Khan means “Holy Sword” so phallic symbols can be seen anywhere in the temple. Preah Khan is surrounded by four outer walls and a wide moat. It is said that this is one of the holiest temples as in the war, Preah Khan witnessed the deaths of thousands of Khmer prisoners and the Khmer King.

Neak Poan

Neak Poan

Neak Poan -source: internet

Neak Poan is so spectacular because of its location. The stupa of the temple is built in the middle of an artificial small lake. However, you could only take a photo of the temple from the side of the lake, rather than touch the stupa due to the water. heritage line cruises

Pre Rup

Climb up Pre Rup

Climb up Pre Rup -source: internet

Of all temples in Angkor, it is said that Pre Rup is the best temple for seeing the sunset. Since the temple is not surrounded by massive trees, it is quite easy to watch the sunset in Pre Rup. Moreover, the red color of the bricks is well combined with the color of the sunshine in the sunset.


Bayon complex

Bayon complex -source: internet

It is really a temple that is worth a visit. Bayon complex is much larger than Angkor Wat with 9 square kilometers. The complex includes a tower in the middle, symmetric gopuras surrounding, and 2 libraries. In spite of the collapse, Bayon still remains its main structure up to now.

They are seven in many ancient temples in Angkor, Siem Reap. If your trip is long enough, you should spend your time to explore the best temples here. Ta Prohm, Bayon, and Preah Khan are the temples that you cannot miss out anyway.