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Best time to visit Siem Reap

Been upgraded to a modern town, Siem Reap which is a village situated in the northern Cambodia is now on the map by virtue of the fact that it is the ideal hideaway from the magnificent ruins of Angkor. Having the full spectrum of accommodation selections from which to discover this spectacular part of the country of Angkor Wat and rural Cambodia, Siem Reap is the common starting point of many trips in Cambodia. Indochina travel Cambodia

Siem Reap

Siem Reap- Source:

You can be told that there is never a bad time to visit Siem Reap by the enthusiastic travel agents. Sitting slap bang in the tropics, Cambodia has the warm to hot weather all year round and the amount of rain that falls is the main difference in the seasons. As a rule of thumb, from November to March with hardly any rain falling in December and January is the driest time in Siem Reap. During this time, a regular occurrence with day after day of cloudless blues skies is very suitable for northern hemisphere-dwellers who want to get away from the gloom of winter over that comfortably long New Year holiday and Christmas.

If you plan on visiting the stilt villages or the floating villages on the waterfalls at Kbal Spean or Kulen Mountain or the Tonle Sap, the period from December to January when the lake and rivers are still relatively full following the rainy season, and generally speaking the lush countryside and the paddy fields shaded with vibrant green color is such the most perfect time of a year. Travel in Cambodia

Tuk tuk drivers drive a much harder bargain in the high tourist season

Tuk tuk drivers drive a much harder bargain in the high tourist season- Source:

However, such a pleasant winter climate also does have its disadvantages. Hotel rates go up, you may meet some difficulties finding a decent room, tuk tuk drivers drive a much harder bargain and everywhere you go — from temples to restaurants — can be very jammed as it is very much the high season. Just make sure to get off the beaten track, book hotel as much as possible in advance and plan your trip to some of the quieter temples, and read up on anger management techniques for what you should do when things do not go as well as you have ever expected.

Siem Reap in sunny day

Siem Reap in sunny day- Source:

The mercury rises steadily from March onwards with temperatures in April and May regularly nudging the 40 degree-mark and even at night it often does not drop much below 30 degrees. Early morning and late afternoon are the best time for temple visits as well as any kinds of physical activities. On the plus side, with evening storms that cool down the humans and cause everything to burst into bloom and wash away the dust and stunning and refreshing afternoon, April and May usually herald the beginning of the rainy season.

April and May portend the beginning of rain season

April and May portend the beginning of rain season- Source:

Weather patterns in Siem Reap as with pretty much anywhere, are not as reliable as they used to be. It will almost definitely be hot when you visit is all that you can really be sure of, and you stand a good chance of seeing storms if you come between April and October, so you do not follow the crowd and wait until December, you may be treated well with spectacular feeling.

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