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Cambodia Cuisine Culture

Cambodia is not only is the country of the famous Angkor but also cuisine is extremely colorful and attractive. Cambodian Cuisine receptive and influenced many cuisines of neighboring countries, especially India and China. Any dish, cooked way, also used a lot of spices (like the Indian dish) and fat (like Chinese food). But most of the culinary culture of Cambodia still create their own unique, personal impressions and well enough to satisfy the most gourmets. Tours Indochina Cambodia

Cambodian Cuisine, culinary habits of many peoples of the wet rice civilization in Asia, shows the distinct characteristics. Cambodian people have the habit of eating rice and meat to eat more fish. At the holidays, rural and urban are tet cakes, little cakes. The majority in each family has to eat Prahok year round.


Prahok – source: internet

Different from fish dishes of Vietnam Chau Doc, Prahok dishes taste quite salty this place, but there’s the fat fleshy fish meat.Another type of fish processed in principle keep food longer by road salting. Prahok, or pohok, made from the best fish, salted intestinal surgery and put in sealed cabinets, a few months later brought to eat. Overall this is a traditional dish prepared in life for both culinary and ethnic Cambodia South Vietnam influential part of Khmer culture. Cambodia travel tours

Special dick eggs

Special dick eggs – source:

Besides, tourists very easy to find many places selling boiled duck eggs, the price is not expensive but very tasty. Moreover, the dishes made from chicken, duck Cambodia also features plenty. Originally bred naturally in the absence of food, nature, eating chicken, duck often naturally delicious chewy. Duck eggs, yolks than whites, boiled for a runny, red as cooked to medium, the fat chewy, yet rare guests eat without feeling excited.



A special feature of the Cambodian cuisine also is the sweet sound of jaggery. Living in hot dry climates plenty, long live palm tree tied to the life of Cambodians. Photos palm attached to the lives of people with many uses. Palmyra leaves used for roofing, tree trunks used as columns. Sweet jaggery water, distilled from palm flowers should taste very pure, is boiled into sugar. Jaggery is not only used to cook tea, can wedge into the food, soup or warehouse items. Additionally, jaggery water was processed into a lighter wine like very special wine, also known as “instant-say-chu” (jaggery sour).



Besides the delicious dishes make tourists enjoy, Cambodia is also no lack of food “poison” that many customers do not dare touch: insect. Market insect lot here sold items from spiders, crickets rice, the egg is to belostomatid. Especially belostomatid dishes (many beneficial insects live in the fields of Cambodia) is quite satisfying dish with spicy aroma.

You will have a great experience with Cambodia culture: cuisine.

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