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Cambodia holiday destination

If you really want to get under the skin of the country you are visiting, Cambodia is one of the most perfect luxury holiday destinations. From symbolic cultural sites, ancient and modern history, well-known hospitality, exquisite cuisine, together with an less-popular, authentic feeling that simply cannot be found elsewhere, what not, Cambodia offers you all. Indochina tours Cambodia

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh – source:

From the magnificent temple complex of Angkor, to the energetic but seducing capital of Phnom Penh, the harmonious blend of Cambodia’s culture, breathtaking landscapes and flavors will rejuvenate your senses. For a slower, more meditative experience. Admiring the captivating natural beauty and stunningly well-preserved ancient monuments in Luang Prabang, tourists will feel like going back in time to the Asia of ancient periods.

Amongst tourists, the capital city of Phnom Penh is a popular choice to start their Cambodia holiday. Being a hustling and lively city located on the banks of the Mekong River, this city is a place where modern high-rises and pagodas, temples and elegant colonial buildings co-exist. Phnom Penh has developed a prosperous cultural and foodie scene – and the riverfront is an ideal spot to walk around and explore before having a romantic evening dinner. Further northwest, you can visit Siem Reap, which is most well-known for being the fascinating gateway to the world famous temple complex of Angkor. In this lively city, you can also find first class hotels, luxury restaurants offering excellent dishes, busy local markets and an impressive surrounding countryside. Tours in Cambodia

Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap – source:

It is not difficult to imagine Phnom Penh in its prime periods, with enormous shady boulevards, spectacular French buildings and breathtaking ancient pagodas. All are still here but in a run-down condition, dust-blown state, covered with an increasing number of heavy traffic. It may make you feel curious about the way the city works. But it does, in some way, and an outstanding character is being framed out of the bustle. Parallel with the development at a dynamic pace of the economy, there are a large number of stylish restaurants and bars now lining the riverside and a sense of self-sufficiency is returning.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap – source:

If you want to catch a closer glimpse of rural riverside life in Cambodia, a visit to Tonle Sap Lake the biggest freshwater lake in South East Asia is highly recommended. This lake plays an important role in creating a diverse and rich ecosystem as each year it distends by five times its size and floods the nearby plains and forests. Joining in an amazing afternoon cruise, you will go through the fascinating floating villages where you can observe local fishermen and traders doing their work and little children playing by the riverside. You can also have a great chance to see many kinds of colorful birds, plants together with other wildlife living in the mangroves.

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