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Cambodia religion and culture

Cambodia is a country in which people have confidence in the strong religious and absolute. Cambodian Cultural imprints of religion introduced from India, especially Hinduism and Buddhism. From the seventh century Buddhism was introduced into the country by people with this gentle nature and quickly became the state religion with over 90% of Cambodians are Buddhists. Indochina travel Cambodia

Angkor wat

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If you want to love or travel to Cambodia, you should know about religion and culture in this land

  1. Culture:

During development of the ethnic communities in the Mekong Delta, Khmer culture were interfering with other cultures, contributing to the formation Vietnam culture rich, varied and tasty national identity. Mekong river cruise Cambodia

Cambodia culture

Cambodia culture – source:

Khmer in Southern is mostly Buddhist beliefs, Theravada sects. Therefore, the temple is a very important position for the Khmer, is the sacred bond lifetime. Raised spirit be cultivated in Buddhism, tonsured a monk, learning Buddhist teachings and culture school before entering the independent life of adults.

 In the process of formation and development, has created a rich culture and unique. The cultural reception between Khmer communicate  with other communities such as the Chinese culture, the Cham, the Kinh in Mekong Delta is expressed in both physical and mental segment and also features two-way ie can give and receive. The main cultural exchanges between Khmer ethnic and Khmer culture has created for the rich and the traditional beauty of this land in the cause of conquering nature and sustainable development today.

  1. Religion:

Cambodia is a homogeneous country with a population of more than 90 percent, the population is Khmer and speak Khmer, the official language. The rest are Vietnamese, Cambodian Chinese, Cham and Montagnard people are concentrated in the mountains of the north and northeast.

Khmer people

Khmer people – source:

Theravada Buddhism, also known as the Khmer Rouge was originally destruction was reinstated as the official religion, with approximately 95 % of the population. Northern, Mahayana Buddhism mainly concentrated in the Vietnamese community and Chinese people. Islam and Brahmanism in the Cham community, Christians account for about 2 %.

Today, 95% of the Khmer capital of Cambodia’s population has created a deep impression to the tourists, they are the friendliest and happiest that tourists ever met. Khmer smile is everywhere, like in traditional fairy tales and bold character of this nation. Cambodia is thus truly a land of contrasts: between light and darkness, between the epics and tragedy, between despair and future inspiration. It seems to be an unparalleled feature of Cambodia.

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