Cambodia scams: US dollar and currency scams

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Cambodia scams: US dollar and currency scams

However, the lack of currency import and export controls and financial regulations are relatively lax others, leaves many trap the unwary, and can lead to costly transactions and shameful. This is not a new problem, but one that seems to bubble up, especially around major holidays and during the tourist season. Here are some classic Cambodian currency trap. Visit Cambodia with Indochina travel

The real money in bad condition

In Cambodia, the US dollar is not in pristine condition are often rejected. If a vendor is ready to accept them, or if you have torn or worn bills to exchange offices, you will typically get less than the actual value of 5-10%. Do not worry, your probably worn riel fine as long as they are in one piece.

Ripped torn or worn These US dollars were all rejected in Cambodia

Ripped torn or worn These US dollars were all rejected in Cambodia – source: internet

Business owners and shopkeepers told us, it’s because they can not get full value for money in poor condition from moneychangers, and what a hassle it is to refuse buyers large we tend to trust them. In the US, banks can send bills back tear or for the government to exchange them for new bills. Banks in Cambodia do not have that option, and for that reason, most will not change the bill torn or tattered. Travel to Cambodia

While refusing to accept torn or ripped bills is not scam, many suppliers and the stores would try to pass off the Bills ripped and torn on tourists and foreigners, said the Bill will not be accepted at the outset. Don’t fall for this; check out the changes.

Look for:

          – Rips or tears of any size (seriously, the small ones will get you);

          – Writing or stamps on bills;

          – Old bills that may not be ripped but have heavy creases from use.

Old bills or denominations

The former capital of the United States (with a portrait of President smaller) are not accepted in Cambodia, nor are most of the pre 2010-$ 100 bills without the authentication feature the latest.

The bill $ 2 US used to be considered lucky in Cambodia, but now they are often not accepted.

Look for:

          -“Small head”-style US bills;

          – $2 bills.

He was on the Bill is fake and the bottom is a fake

He was on the Bill is fake and the bottom is a fake – source: internet

Fake money and receipt spirit

Money is god ceremonial bill is made to be burned as a sacrifice in religious ceremonies and festivals. Typically, the bill is clearly smaller than the actual bill and printed on different paper. If you see a $ 100 on the sidewalks around the Chinese New Year, chances are it is not your lucky day.

However, counterfeits, “good” was circulated, and some cashier immoral may try to pass off counterfeit bills or bad conditions for tourists and foreigners, especially those affected. The picture from a friend, who had a good night in Sihanoukville until they wake up the next morning to find that their change from buying drinks is largely worthless.

The black marker lines on the $100 bill means it does not pass the test

The black marker lines on the $100 bill means it does not pass the test – source: internet

Changing money at borders 

Cambodian Riel money

Cambodian Riel money – source: internet

If you pass a land border in Cambodia, you can say that you need to change money into riel, or are no ATM in Siem Reap. This is a scam. If you change money at the border, you will be given a brutal exchange rate. Knowing that there are ATMs that dispense US dollars in Cambodia and you will be able to use US dollars nationwide. In fact, when you get your Cambodia visa, you are required to pay in US dollars.

Currency Exchange 

Change the US Dollar before leaving Cambodia

Change the US Dollar before leaving Cambodia- source: internet

Currency exchange most Cambodian-outside the airport – for a very good rate, often better than what you would get in a foreign country. So if you are tempted to change US dollars into the currency of your country before you go home, be aware that some of the money changers will use every opportunity to pass bad bills.

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