Cambodian cuisine - one of the best cuisines in the world

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Cambodian cuisine – one of the best cuisines in the world

For years, Cambodian cuisine has languished in the shadows of its Thai and Vietnamese cousins. But it is still one of the best cuisines in the world.

Here are the dishes one should sample to enjoy the unique Cambodian cuisine.

Lap Khmer: Lime- marinated Khmer beef salad

The most popular salad in Cambodia

The most popular salad in Cambodia

As far as salads go in Cambodia, no dish is more popular than Lap Khmer.This dish is made from thinly sliced beef that is quickly seared with lime juice, dressed with lemongrass, shallots, garlic, fish sauce, Asian basil, mint,green beans and green peppers and also loaded with a blast of spiciness as red chilies are one of its prominent fixtures. It is a lime- marinated Khmer beef salad that is a top favorite among Cambodian men and some even prefer the beef to be nearly raw, but at restaurants it is generally served grilled.Some of the best Lap Khmer can be found from the many rustic beach shacks lining the popular beaches in Sihanoukville. Tourists will be attracted by Lap Khmer at the first sight by its colorfulness and aroma. This full of flavors and colors dish will surely make tourists unforgettable. Indochina tours Cambodia

Kdam chaa- fried crab

Spicy Kdam chaa

Spicy Kdam chaa

Kdam chaa is Cambodia’s favorite way of enjoying crabs. In this dish, these crustaceans are stir- fried with a variety of ingredients including green pepper Kampot- the most famous Cambodian spices in worldwide and some flavorful garlic archives. Aromatic Kampot pepper is famous among gourmands worldwide and internationally sold but only in Cambodia, you would be able to taste the distinctively flavored immature green peppercorns. Often found along the shorelines of Cambodia, the fried crab dish with tasteful spices like one of the most popular seafoods in Cambodia will attract you from the very first time tasting. Travel to cambodia

Cha houy teuk- jelly dessert

Colorful jelly dessert

Colorful jelly dessert

A typical Cambodian meal would normally end with a dessert based on fresh fruits and sticky rice to complement the meal. What you should eat for dessert is cha houy teuk- the best Cambodian dessert. It is a refreshing jelly made with agar agar- a kind of gelatine made from seaweed. Combined with sago drenched, bleached beans or sticky rice in coconut milk and covered with red beans, jackfruit, pumpkin and taro, it is usually served in a bowl with a scoop of shaved ice or topped with coconut cream for an added tang

Cambodian cuisine is characterized by fresh ingredients and spices used daily from these local markets. Come and enjoy it.

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