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Cambodian dishes for all kinds of travelers

Cambodian cuisine is not only famous for exquisite dishes, a large number of traditional ingredients but also well known for a wide selection of dishes that can meet the demands of all kinds of travelers. It is a great idea to go to Cambodia and explore its cuisine. Tours Indochina Cambodia

Simple Cambodian meal

Simple Cambodian meal – source:

For Cambodian pastime, snacking, particularly snacking on street food is a popular choice. If you worry about the sanitary qualify, you can sample the street food that are cooked right in front of you and served hot, which cannot be influenced by bacteria. Specially made in ice factories, ice in Cambodia is also usually fine.

At different times of the day, you can see diverse snacks available on busy streets of Cambodia. While in the early morning, you can find kuy teav and bai sach chrouk as breakfast dishes offered by vendors at small roadside stalls, from late in the morning until afternoon, you can enjoy fresh cut-up fruit sold by roving vendors. Late in the afternoon, travelers can witness a crowd of students happily gathering on the streets to taste such restoratives including spring rolls and baguettes filled with grilled beef skewers and covered with a green mango slaw. Travel to Cambodia

Cambodian dessert

Cambodian dessert – source:

Chive cakes (num kachay), iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk, kar-fried noodles together with paté sandwiches (similar to Vietnamese banh mi) are some of favorite street foods. Observing many roving vendors pushing carts around the town to sell these dishes or finding these dishes sold in small restaurants setting up shop on the sidewalk will be one of your unforgettable memories. For curious eaters, to learn about local fare while on a budget, street food is the best way. Many delightful dishes on street food usually cost for maximum of $1, much less than at Western restaurants in Cambodia.

If you do not sure that you will like Cambodian food, a large number of of luxury restaurants offering all kinds of international food in Cambodia can convince you. No matter where you come from: from America, England, France, Italia, Korea and Japan, you can find many excellent set up restaurants serving your country’s specialties. But that is not all. If you are seeking to follow a vegetarian, vegan, or halal diet, you can find various options. Although local dishes are the cheapest choice, your favorite foreign comfort food will not cost you too much, not only in restaurants but also in supermarkets.

Mouth-watering Cambodian dish

Mouth-watering Cambodian dish – source:

If you are looking for a place to enjoy Khmer cuisine at the most inexpensive price, Phnom Penh is far and away the best place, although Siem Reap also provides many stunning restaurants.  Wandering into the local food stalls in markets throughout the country and simply taste each dish before deciding what to eat is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get used to Khmer cooking.

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