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Cambodian food culture

Have ever you heard about the stunning Cambodian cuisine? Are you curious to discover it? Let’s plan your trip to Cambodia to enjoy all stunning authentic dishes and immediately fall in love with Cambodian food. Travel Indochina

Cambodian cuisine

Cambodian cuisine – source:

The most popular ingredient of Cambodian dishes is prahok, which is a kind of fermented fish paste often served together with rice. Spicy chopped or curried fish, chicken, pork, eggs, soup as well as fresh vegetables or herbs are also often used with eat rice or noodles by many Cambodians. Generally, Cambodians have breakfast featuring rice between 6:30.a.m and 7:30.a.m, enjoy lunch between 12.a.m and 1.p.m while having dinner between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. If eating out, people often grab a simple meal or snack such as a bowl of traditional noodles. Dinner which is often an informal meal similar to lunch with more dishes featuring meat or fish, rice is the most important meal of the day. Main dishes which consist of a large number of stir fried dishes and soups, are generally homemade. Travel to Cambodia

Amok curry

Amok curry – source:

In fact, Cambodian cuisine shares many common characteristics with that of other neighboring countries, especially Vietnamese cuisine. Coming to Cambodia, you can also find many popular dishes in Vietnam called by different name. For example, banh mi – Vietnamese baguette is called num pang pâté in Cambodian. Cambodian cuisine is also influenced by Thai cuisine but Cambodian dishes often have smaller quantity of chili, sugar and coconut milk.

Rice plays an important role in Cambodian meal. Each person eats a large bowl of rice at lunch and dinner. In daily meals of Cambodian, at least three or four other dishes consist a soup (samlor) served in family style. While kroeung, a special spice paste made with a foundation of lemongrass and galangal, is the primary base of many Cambodian dishes, prahok, a kind of pungent fermented fish paste make up a large part of the Cambodian diet.


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Bobor, rice porridge, which is a similar dish to Chinese congee, is a typical Cambodian breakfast. At the Cambodian breakfast table, heavily do rice and rice noodles figure. Nom banh chok, also known as the Cambodian national dish: rice noodles topped with green curry of fish based made with lemongrass, turmeric root, and kaffir lime and kuy teav, a stunning soup cooked in pork or beef bones broth with rice vermicelli and covered with fried shallots, green onions, and bean sprouts are popular and favorite ways to start the day. Bai sach chrouk is also one of the simplest and most delicious options for Cambodian breakfast.

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