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Cost of living in Cambodia

As deciding on where to travel, tourists always have to mind considering the cost of living of a destination. Cambodia, a country in South East Asia, has been a new rising star in tourism for its beautiful nature, hospitable local people especially low expense for living. Cambodia provides tourists with good quality but cheap service such as transportation, accommodation, restaurant and so on. Tours Indochina Cambodia


Coming to Cambodia, tourists have many choices of local transportations such as bus, tuk tuk, cyclo, moto, taxi, etc. All of these transports are offered with reasonable prices. Even taxi, the most expensive transport, does not cost much compared with that in other countries (0,88 to 1,5 dollars per kilometer). Tuk tuk which appears in almost every tourist destinations like Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and South Coast is the best transportation to travel around. Remember to negotiate the price in advance. Moreover, moto (or motodups), a kind of motorbike taxi, is also a cheap way to explore Cambodia streets and urban areas. The price of motto depends on the distance between destinations, ranging from 2000r to US$1.50 or more at night.

A tuk tuk can carry at least 2 to 4 tourists

A tuk tuk can carry at least 2 to 4 tourists – source:


Like transportation, accommodation in Cambodia is variable but quite affordable. There are many kinds of places in tourism areas ranging from cheap to expensive that tourist can choose to stay: guest house, home- stay, hostel, hotel, bungalow and resort. Hostel and hotel seem to be the most popular choice for tourist due to reasonable prices (from 7 dollars per night), good room service and location near famous places. Some of cheap accommodations are Eighty8 Backpacker Hostel, The Mad Monkey and Do Do Guesthouse in Phnom Pen; The Cashew Nut Guesthouse and Earthwalkers Hotel in Siem Reap; Mushroom Point Hostel, Chochi Garden and Hacienda Hostel in Sihanoukville, etc. Tours in Cambodia

The Cashew Nut Guesthouse in Siem Reap costs from 10 dollars per night

The Cashew Nut Guesthouse in Siem Reap costs from 10 dollars per night – source:


Thanks to having a really unique cuisine, there are thousands of restaurants serving delicious but affordable dishes in Cambodia. Some traditional foods popular among tourists which can be found in local street restaurant are fried fish on the fire lake, Bai sach chrouk, Khmer red curry and other Khmer foods. Moreover, these restaurants serve desserts like Cha houy teuk (jelly dessert), coconut panna cotta, pumpkin coconut custard, coconut sweetcorn along with exotic fruits which are always available and fresh in Cambodia such as jackfruit, banana, coconut, durian, mango, rambutan and pineapple. Foods and desserts in Cambodia are quite cheap with the spending of 5 dollars for a meal on average. Furthermore, tourist can choose Western dishes for their meals with a little higher spending in some well-known restaurants such as Le Saint Georges and Rustic Restaurant in Phnom Penh; Olive Cuisine de Saison and Burger Gourmand in Siem Reap.

Khmer red curry – a popular dish in Cambodia

Khmer red curry – a popular dish in Cambodia – source:

With some of the recommendations on the cost of living in Cambodia (transportation, accommodation and restaurant) above, hopefully tourist will have a wonderful, memorable and cost – saving trip to Cambodia, the land of wonders in Southeast Asia.

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