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Discover top islands in Cambodia

When it comes to Cambodia, we think of the image of Angkor which is one characteristic of this country. However, Cambodia is also a country with a warm sea, clear, white sand and very smooth even more untapped by tourism. Learn and explore by yourself! Indochina holidays

  1. Koh Kong Kroah island

The largest island in Cambodia, Koh Kong town located about 22km to the south. The West Island has 6 beaches pristine tropical, with natural freshwater lagoon by the streams flowing down from the summit. Northern Island is one of three customs basis of the Royal Cambodian Navy. In Kroah Kong has only a fishing village in the southeast corner Alatang.

Koh Kong Kroah island

Koh Kong Kroah island – source:

There currently are step by step development of tourism, mangrove forests are replaced with shrimp farms. Because the island has no place to stay, so the camping is allowed at the beach or at a military post Alatang village. Travel to Cambodia

  1. Song Saa island

In Khmer, Song Saa means ‘love each other’ so this private island is an ideal place for couples to enjoy their sweet holiday. There is incredible scene here.

Song Saa island

Song Saa island – source:

There is a resort which was built on two islands connected by a pedestrian bridge. Passing a marine protected area in the water and forests, the villas offer views of the vast ocean is built with sustainable materials with the most profound respect for the natural environment. I have designed a resort used a variety of materials can be recycled, such as driftwood, wood from old boats, scrap metal, stone. The resort has 27 private rooms with their own luxury services,  you can take a boat or take a helicopter to explore the island and nature reserve of 50,000 m2 here.

  1. Koh Thmei island

Located in Ream National Park, Koh Thmei is the island with the diverse plant and animal species such as monkeys, civets, monitor lizards mountains offer more than 100 different types of rare birds. On the island there is only one place for tourists to Koh Thmei Resort stay with a series of simple wooden houses environmentally friendly. Here visitors can go to the forest, kayaking, beach to watch dolphins swim danced here.

Beautiful bridge in Koh Thmei island

Beautiful bridge in Koh Thmei island – source:

Isolated during the brutal rule of the Khmer Rouge and the chaos in May, the forgotten island in the land of temples today is a destination for those travelers who are looking for courage paradise for their own secrets.  Now the forgotten islands in Cambodia are getting the attention of the tourists love exploring new places.

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