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Enjoy street foods in Cambodia

Street foods play an important role in the cuisine of each country. Explore street foods when traveling is an indispensable part of the journey. If you have a chance to travel to Cambodia, do not leave without trying Cambodian street food. It can be found in abundance at the markets and on the footpaths, roads and lanes of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. You will find your favorite one among variety kinds of snacks at here. Let’s try this top 5 street food dishes first. You will fall in love with their flavor completely. Indochina travel Cambodia

Grilled pork skewers in Cambodia

You will be addicted to the flavor of grilled pork skewers

You will be addicted to the flavor of grilled pork skewers -source: internet

Grilled pork skewers are one of the most street food dishes that you can find in most anywhere in Cambodia. When walking down the street, you can ignore but mouthwatering by the aroma of this dish. You will immediately drop to the vendor and enjoy some skewers, then lick your lips with satisfaction. Pork skewers are marinated with special spices and grilled directly on charcoal which brings the great aroma and flavor for the skewers that you can not resist. It goes really well with pickle salad.

Steamed pork buns

One of popular street food dishes in Cambodia

One of popular street food dishes in Cambodia -source: internet

Regarding steamed pork buns, you may think about Chinese steamed pork buns. However, when coming to Cambodia, you will enjoy Cambodia steamed pork bun version. Cambodia’s version of the pork bun is filled with tasty boiled egg, minced pork with pepper flavor. Its flavor is lighter and it’s much fluffier comparing to Chinese ones. It’s a good afternoon snack. One tip for eating steamed pork bun is never leave it go cold. It’s the best when it’s hot.

Balut – baby duck eggs

Its taste is not bad as its look

Its taste is not bad as its look -source: internet

Baby duck eggs are judged as one of the most stinky and repulsive street food in Asia. A lot of people can not eat it. Actually, it’s nutritious and rich in protein. For those who can enjoy baby duck eggs, this dish is quite delicious. Instead of serving baby duck eggs with herbs, and ginger like Vietnam, Cambodian keeps it simple. Just crack a hole in your egg large enough for your teaspoon, scoop out and dip it into a mixture of salt, pepper, limes, salt, red chilies, and chopped fragrant herbs. It’s served hot.

Pickled fruit

Flavorful pickled fruit

Flavorful pickled fruit -source: internet

Pickled fruit is one of favorite snack of women, of course. In Cambodia, you can easily find a lot of mobile carts, offering pickled fruit along the street. Picked fruit normally includes green mango, green papaya, guava, sapodilla, apple,  and jujube. Fruits will be cut int the small trunks and served with a mixture of salt, chilies, sugar, and some other spices. You will be definitely addicted to the slightly sour green fruits with flavorful dipping mixture. You can see more: Cambodia Discovery

Insect dishes

Do you dare to taste this dish

Do you dare to taste this dish -source: internet

When visiting Cambodia, you will be scared as well as impressed with the street food dishes made from many different kinds of insects. Insect dishes are sold anywhere in Cambodia. Cambodia is also the perfect place to exercise your more adventurous taste this special dishes. If you dare, you can try from salty fried grasshoppers, fried cockroaches to fried larvae, fried crickets, fried baby-sparrows (bottom), or fried bats (top), and many other dishes. Of course, you do not dare to try at the first time you saw it. However, it does not taste bad as its look. You will find it crispy, and quite tasty.

Apart from 5 dishes above, you’ll have a variety of other mouthwatering street food dishes to choose from such as fried food, grilled sausage on the skewer, grilled fog, and so on. Just try and enjoy them as much as possible to explore more about Cambodia cuisine.

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