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Family life in Cambodia

Family is a very important factor in every citizen Cambodia. In addition to the traditional sense of pride in the nation’s history, they also have a tradition of family ties through many generations as the people of Vietnam. Tours Indochina Cambodia


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Cambodians want live in the last several generations of a family. They eat, drink and live together. But both newlyweds tend to move out of home but emotionally attached biological family never lost. They have a tradition of filial piety, caring for their parents in old age. They lived gather and create emotional clings.

Cambodia family

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Especially in the big occasion, the Cambodian family often gathered together to implement meaningful activities. Tours in Cambodia

In Tet holidays, they believe in legends handed down in folklore that every year there is a god in heaven was sent to take care of human life and in the same year, at the moment Eve every year, this 15 year at 8 pm, Cambodians family usually offer the offering trays of five candles, incense year, five cups of cereal, a pair of coconuts, two glasses of water, fresh flowers and 12 kinds of fruit to welcome the gods bless families prosperous and happy. Cambodians families are affected greatly from Theravada Buddhist thought. Every country in the world has a unique outfits associated with the formation and development of the country. The temples country as Cambodia is no exception with images Sampot traditional costumes. In this occasion, family member wear Sampot for lucky day. Especially in this time, Cambodians has already own technical textile patterned cross not certain, though it does not have any clear explanation for the application of this technique. The sampot style silk is used as the items in each family heirloom, weddings, funerals and used to decorate this cloths.

Family is gathering in wedding

Family is gathering in wedding – source:

Mountains covered sand ceremony was part of the ceremonial first day was passed down through generations of Khmer. “Mountains” by Buddhists around the main hall covering up of countless temples to pray sand particles are freed of sin may have made in previous years, New Year’s wishes to meet a lot of fun, unfortunately screen.

During the three-day holiday, in addition to the traditional ritual, many Cambodian family is gather together to play traditional games such as tug of war, sack jumping …; singing, dancing in traditional music, express their aspirations for a peaceful life and prosperity.


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New Year festivities is marking time switch from dry season to rainy season in Cambodia. Often after these days, the south-west monsoon started blowing from the Gulf of Thailand and Indian Ocean leads to rain clouds, “the thirst” after six months of dry season. But this year, according to forecasts, due to the effects of El NiƱo, drought is taking place in almost all provinces of Cambodia.

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