The fascinating beauty of Angkor Wat

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The fascinating beauty of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat was originally built by the King of Khmer Suryavarman II in the 12th century. It was originally built as a Hindu temple, and later Angkor Wat was used as a place of worship after the Cambodian monarchy moved to Buddhism in a few centuries later. Angkor Wat has a circumference of nearly 6km and an area of about 200ha. The highest point is the peak of the main temple, with a height of 65m. Travel to Angkor Wat with:  Indochina Travel Cambodia

It is the only temple in Cambodia with main entrance to the west, sunset direction.Angkor Wat was built with a myriad of blue stones, a type of mountain temple in Cambodia with a major western entrance to the sunset direction. Angkor Wat has 398 rooms, connected by 1,500m of corridor. Upstairs, five interconnected towers with three floors of architecture, including the highest tower up to 65m, four 40m high towers. The path leading to Angkor Wat is also made of stone up 230m long, nearly 10m wide and 5m higher than the lake surface on either side of the temple. The main temple area consists of 398 rooms closely linked together. The temple contains many pictures of stone carvings such as huge reliefs, columns, doors, ceilings, walls, corridors, balconies, roofs,… which shows the extraordinary power and skilled hands of the ancient Khmer.

Ancient Angkor Wat view from above

Ancient Angkor Wat view from above- source: internet

Main Hall of Angkor Wat is a three-storey structure, connected by long, deep corridors. The sculpture of the ancient narrative, derived from the Mahabharata and Raymana Indian epics.

The Angkor Wat stone corridors

The Angkor Wat stone corridors- source: internet

The first floor – the most unique feature is the corridor with reliefs on the wall 2.5m and 800m long, depicts the Brahmin scriptures and the feats of King Suryavarman II – temple builder. The inside of the relief depicts the battlefield, the monkeys and the battle of Sita God, Apsara royal dances… Thanks to the ceiling and corridors running through, the relief seems to have been preserved intact. The first floor also has lakes for the king bathing in the old days. At present, most of the lakes have dried up but leave ample space around the temple, which contributes to a better protection of the site. Cambodia travel packages

Tourists are fasinated by reliefs at Angkor Wat

Tourists are fasinated by reliefs -source: internet

The second floor of Angkor Wat is a large courtyard surrounded by walls, inside are the shrines of the gods. At the huge Vishnu shrine of black stone, Cambodian people currently think of Shakyamuni Buddha so they should wear yellow  clothes and worship like Buddhism. The misunderstanding between Hindu and Buddhist gods is easily accepted by religious interference. The 2nd floor has countless carvings of Apsara dancers with bare chest and rich style.

Carving of Apsaras at ancient Angkor Wat

Carving of Apsaras at ancient -source: internet

The highest floor is the third floor, with a height of 65m, consisting of two cross corridors crossing in the middle. The intersection of the two corridors is the center. Formerly, the center of the temple was Visnu god statue by gold, now it is lost. At present, the center of the temple has many statues of Buddha. The tallest tower in Angkor Wat is considered the sanctuary of the gods. Around the tower are four square corridors, each at the corners of the corridor is a lower tower. The central tower and the four surrounding towers form the famous Angkor Wat skyline when viewed from far or near the temple grounds.

This unique architecture attracts a large number of tourists to visit

This unique architecture attracts a large number of tourists to visit -source: internet

If tourists want to admire the magnificent beauty of one of the architectural wonders of the world at the most beautiful time of the day, get up early and welcome the beautiful sunrise in Angkor Wat.

The beauty of Angkor Wat in early sunrise time

The beauty of Angkor Wat in early sunrise time -source: internet

Are you ready to go to the temple and visit Angkor Wat, as well as visit the beautiful scenery here?

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