How to get to Cham Island?

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How to get to Cham Island?

Being a group of 8 small islands, recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve (Cu Lao Cham Marine Park), Cham Island is an ideal destination stunningly endowed with biological diversity and marvelous topography of mountain slopes, offering the best one-day retreat for divers and snorkelers of all levels. Cambodia travel packages

An untouched heaven for adventurers

Scuba diving

Scuba diving -source: internet

It is a wide variety of leisure activities in a pristine and picturesque setting that appeals to tourists to go to Cham Island. Ranging from sunbathing on long-stretching white-sandy coast, swimming on crystal-clear beaches to discovering the forest, traditional forms of recreation are what all travelers want to experience.

There are available facilities for water sports such as: scuba diving, boat racing, kite flying, kayaking, paragliding, water skiing and swimming for those who are interested in marine life exploration activities. This empire of aquatic animals is a wide collection of sea creatures, sea grass, marine algae and especially colorful coral reefs. You can expect to encounter a charming marine world with an abundance of mollusks, lobsters and colorful fishes under the turquoise water-surface.

The beauty of Cham Island

The beauty of Cham Island -source: internet

There is no need to look hard to find a rainbow of tropical sea-life lurking among the soft and hard corals, with sea cucumbers, anemones, angel, lion, parrotfish and scorpion. This is the best place for those who are into underwater photography.

The Cham Islands are not just about snorkeling and diving. What has made the islands the perfect escape between tailor fittings should be the chance to camp out under the stars on an exceptional stretch of beach and the lure of some of the most unspoiled islands in Vietnam.

Home to cultural authenticity

Huong fishing village

Huong fishing village -source: internet

Not only recreational activities, Cham Island also makes itself outstanding for its cultural attractions including: Huong fishing village, the old well, Lang Ong, Hai Tang – a 300-year-old-pagoda and an exhibition of nature and Cham island people’s culture. In addition to being a cultural-historic site, which grows along with the establishment and development of Hoian City, Cham Island also has some relics of the civilization of Cham people, which date back hundreds years ago.

Hospitable people and environmental friendly practices

Take a pleasant boat trip to Cham Island

Take a pleasant boat trip to Cham Island -source: internet

Local residents on Cham Island, who lead a simple and hospitable life, are also famous for their lifestyle harmonizing with environment. In Vietnam – a country where people think nylon bags to be vital, you would certainly find it astonishing to see a big panel saying: “Please don’t take nylon bags to this island” at the entrance of the ship dock as well as an absolute lack of this dangerous material in Cham Island’s area. best Indochina tours

How to get there?

How to get to Cham Island

How to get to Cham Island -source: internet

It is expected to take about 30 minutes to arrive at Cham Island by express boat from Cua Dai Beach, Quang Nam Province, however, to experience the feeling of travelling by fishermen’s boats, travelers may choose 45-minute-boat instead.

A tour from Hoian which departs at 7:30 AM daily in the morning to the island and often includes transportation, guide together with a decent meal on the island is also available. Take a taxi to Bach Dang pier if you want to discover the island on your own. It is expected $2 per person. For the best view on the way to Cham Island, make sure you sit on the second level.

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