Getting from Siem Reap to the Angkor Wat

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Getting from Siem Reap to the Angkor Wat

Thanks to the close proximity to the Angkor Wat temple complex, Siem Reap is the most prosperous region of contemporary Cambodia as well as one of the world’s premier travel destinations. And how to get from Siem Reap to the Angkor Wat is also one thing you should know. indochina travel cambodia

Getting to the Angkor Wat by tuk tuk

The Angkor Wat welcomes a large number of travelers all year around

The Angkor Wat welcomes a large number of travelers all year around -source: internet

Though tuk tuks are terrific in the hottest part of the day and for heading out to dinner at night, you will probably do a lot of exploring around town on foot if you stay in the center of Siem Reap. around the old town and commercial centre, along Sivutha Boulevard, a short tuk tuk ride costs US$1-1.50. for example, if you’re staying in a hotel on the edge of town, for longer rides from one end of town to the other, Double that  . to visit Angkor Archaeological Park, home to Angkor Wat, Breezy tuk tuks are also the best way .

Not only cooler than riding a bike, tuk tuks are also better for photography, getting you up close to the action, whether it be elephants, monkeys or temples, without the glass windows of an air-conditioned car. It is likely that most people do a tour on their first day, and afterwards independently explore Siem Reap by tuk tuk. It is expected to pay anything from a minimum of $10 for a standard 8-hour day; up to a maximum of $20 for a whole long day or $12-15 for a longer day if you are about to start out early for sunrise and traveling until sunset.

Tuk tuk to the Angkor

Tuk tuk to the Angkor -source: internet

Even though it is possible to have hotel staff book tuk tuks for you, most will give you higher rates than these as some will take a commission. It is highly recommended to negotiate with the tuk tuk driver by yourself when you find one you like. Cambodia tour packages

It is a good idea to get up early in the darkness for sunrise, to scramble the spectacular ancient temples until about 10-11am, to take a short break of a few hours in the middle of the day for lunch, a swim at your hotel, and a rest, and then come back in the afternoon until sunset. Make sure that you want to return to town in the middle of the day and your driver is very clear about the hours if you choose to do this.

Getting to the Angkor Wat by motorcycle taxi or Motodup

Trannsportation to thư Angkor

Trannsportation to thư Angkor -source: internet

It is possible to use a motorcycle taxi or motodup and driver and ride pillion to get around the temples if you are a budget traveller or solo traveller. To see the temples, this is the most affordable way. A day-long will cost travelers no more than US$8, much less for half a day or if you are only going for sunrise, and a maximum of US$10 for one long day, which is expected to cost US$20 traveling by tuk tuk. On street corners all over Siem Reap will you see these motodup guys.

Getting to the Angkor Wat by air-conditioned car or van

Air-conditioned car to the Angkor

Air-conditioned car to the Angkor -source: internet

It is also possible to hire an air-conditioned car or van if you are travelling with small children, a few friends or older family members. For an old Camry with no amenities, for a day trip, rates can start at US$30 and go up to US$100-150 for something much more luxurious, with an iced water and an icy cold towels offered by the drivers whenever you step foot back in the vehicle.

Collecting passengers from Siem Reap International Airport, the air-conditioned cars and vans also do the temple tours and normally, their standard prices are listed on a sheet behind the driver’s seat and if you do not see one, let’s ask for a price list.

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