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Highlights of Cambodia

Cambodia, which is one of the most character-filled tourist attractions in the world, is an amazing country yearning to be discovered.

Housing the majestic Angkor Wat Complex, Cambodia attracts travelers not only for rarely looking beyond the most spectacular temple in the world, but also several spectacular places of interest such as magnificent Siem Reap. The amazing journey to discover the unique Cambodian culture will help travelers widen their knowledge and inspire them by awakening them to the delights of this richand awarding country with useful insider experiences. Tours Indochina in Cambodia

Angkor Wat complex

Angkor Wat complex – source: chesterfieldpagans.org

Going on a journey to Cambodia, visitors will get a wide window on the soul of Southeast Asia to know more about thisarea. The magnificent temples of Angkor are incomparable while the buzzing capital city of Phnom Penh which lies countless kilometers of unspoiled tropical beaches, the mighty Mekong River beyond the rich heritage of the ancient Khmer empire. Cambodia promises to bring you countless surprises coming with the willingness of the friendliest people in the region.

Coming to Phnom Penh, one should not miss a chance to visit these spectacular sights including the impressive National Museum, coming with its excellent sculpture collection of Angkor, and the magnificent Silver Pagoda. For active entertainment, the superb shopping at the Psar Tuol Tom Pong as well as a night shift never sleeping will make you please. Cambodia tours packages

Phnom Da

Phnom Da – source: allpointseast.com

Go on a luxury ship to Phnom Da and then go straight ahead to the south of the colonial-era town of Kampot. From here, almost tourists will pay a visit to the seaside town of Kep, the spectacular Bokor Hill Station, and the amazing cave pagodas at Phnom Sorsia and Phnom Chhnork.

If you are a beach lover, do not forget to go to the beach capital of Cambodia, the west to Shianoukville to try thedeliciousseafood specialties, to soak up the sun or just simply dive the nearby waters.Backtracking via Phnom Penh to get access to Kompong Thom and get a taste of what is about to come by visiting the stunning pre-Angkorian brick temple complex of Sambor Prei Kukcannot be missed.

Ending your trip at the Angkor to enjoy these unforgettable mind-blowing experiences with which no sights can compare. Admire Ta Prohm nature triumphing over stone, the stunning Angkor Wat temple complex perfection in stone; Bayon, weirdness in stone cannot be missed.


Shianoukville – source: dulichcampuchia.biz

Most visitors paying a visit to Cambodia will definitely see Angkor Wat and some of theamazing temples together with the other spectacular buildings in Angkor Thom. About 20 kilometers from Angkor Thom situated the small temple complex of Banteay Srei while about 18 kilometers away from Banteay Srei to Kbal Spean you can see “the river of 1000 lingas”.

Amongst great spiritual significance to Cambodians, Kbal Spean and nearby Phnom Kulen. Passingmore than hundreds of “linga”, or cylindrical symbols performing the Hindu god Shiva, the water flows down the river at Kbal Spean. Though extensivelybelieved in the western world as phallic symbols, Hindus do notconsider them as usual. However the square yoni symbol you can find here, covered with the broken-off linga, is more certainly a female symbol.The word itself represents for”womb” or “vagina”.

Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean – source: en.wikipedia.org

Flat as it is, the Central Cambodiafeatures plenty of spectacular views with all the evergreen rice paddy fields and symbolic sugar palms. Though not being entirely unique to Cambodia, because grown to a lesser degree than other parts of Asia, the sugar palm or toddy palm is as much a symbol as Angkor Wat.

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