Let’s “get lost” in Siem Reap

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Let’s “get lost” in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is an attractive destination which is located to the North West of Cambodia. This city has very developed architecture and glorious history. Being about 300 kilometers far from Vientiane capital, this is really an ideal arrival for holiday time with famous temples, the art of architecture, natural beauties and so on. Therefore, each year, this city welcomes millions tourists from several nationalities. So, let’s “get lost” in Siem Reap to explore the uniqueness here! Indochina travel cambodia

Visit Angkor Wat Temple

Angkor Wat Temple is the pride of Cambodian people

Angkor Wat Temple is the pride of Cambodian people- source: internet

Angkor Wat is a temple complex which is the biggest relic of religion in the world. Its area is more than 162 hecta. Being restored well, Angkor Wat has still been the center of tourism in this city. Many experts say that this temple complex is at the peak of Cambodian architecture style. More than that, it has become the symbol of this country.

Angkor Wat is the association of 2 main features of Khmer architecture with long and narrow lobbies. This way of construction represents for the hometown of God in Hinduism’s legend. In the center of Angkor Wat, there are a system of 5 tower: one in the middle and four in four corners. Being different from other Angkor Temple, Angkor Wat is located to the West. This construction is admired by its magnificent beauty, the diversity of the art of sculpture, the number of statues and so on.

The uniqueness of Angkor Wat’s architecture

The uniqueness of Angkor Wat’s architecture – source: internet

Explore Tonle Sap- a peaceful space in Siem Reap

Tonle Sap means a big river with fresh water. This destination is only 25 kilometers far from the center of Siem Reap, so you can get to this place easily. The atmosphere around Tonle Sap is really peaceful with beautiful small houses on the water. Besides, there are schools, pagodas, churches and so on 2 banks. Some famous villages for you to visit when coming to Tonle Sap are Chong Khneas, Kampong Phluk, Kampong Khleang, Prek Toal and so on. It is sure that you can learn many things interesting in these mentioned traditional villages. Cambodia Travel tours

The peace of Tonle Sap in Siem Reap

The peace of Tonle Sap in Siem Reap -source: internet

Besides visiting quiet villages on 2 banks of Tonle Sap, you can spend time seating on the boat and floating on the water. This is really an exciting experience for anyone who comes here. You will have chance to enjoy cool wind, fresh air, beautiful landscapes and daily life of local people around. It is sure that you can feel comfortable and relaxing so much.

Go for a walk on Pub Street- a twinkle world in Siem Reap

Pub Street is located in the center of Siem Reap city. This is a crowded destination with many bars, restaurants and many means of entertainment. All services here are available all day. However, they are really interesting from 5 p.m to the middle night. From 7 p.m, vehicles are banned from moving across this street. From that, Pub Street transforms into a twinkle world for you to explore.

The first time coming here, almost visitors are very shocked at the space with special food of not only Cambodia but also other countries such as China, India, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and so on. You can choose to enjoy food in a luxury restaurant or a unique vendor to contemplate around. In particular, when visiting Pub Street, you shouldn’t miss Red Piano- a well- known bar. The wine here is the best kind in Siem Reap.

Enjoy special food of Cambodia

Amok- the special food of Cambodian you need to try

Amok- the special food of Cambodian you need to try – source: internet

It can be said that Siem Reap is the palace of Cambodian food. There are many kinds of dish here for you to enjoy such as Amok, Tomyam, rice bamboo and so on. Amok is the identity of local cuisine. The highlights of this dish are the sweet of jaggery and the special taste of coconut water. Amok is so famous that every restaurant in Siem Reap serves this kind. Moreover, Tomyam is also a delicious dish to try. It is a kind of papaya salad with unique process and typical taste of dry shrimp, tomato, cucumber, garlic, pepper and so on.

“Getting lost” in Siem Reap will bring you many unforgettable experience. The places of interest, special food and peaceful atmosphere in this city will make you remember for a long time!

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