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Life in Cambodia

Sharing western border with Thailand and eastern border with Vietnam, Cambodia is one of the most popular countries famous as an ideal tourist destination. The majority of Cambodians are devoted to devoted to Buddhism; which is also heavily affected by the the ancient Hinduism during the Angkor period. Indochina holidays Cambodia

Life in Cambodia

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Nevertheless, they are also thought to be in relation with Chinese, Muslim Cham and Vietnamese. Preferably, the Cambodians vigorously identify with their ethnic identity and religious beliefs. Moreover, now in Cambodia, the locals in Cambodia are involved in agriculture activities, small business and vegetables.

The People of Cambodia

Surprisingly, in 2004, Cambodia had a total population of more than 13 million people. Therefore, among Asian countries, it actually has one of the most superior population growth rates. Of the total population, Khmer occupy about 90%.  The Vietnamese, who make up about 5%, is the largest minority group.  Another 1% is occupied by the Chinese. In Cambodia, the population estimates take account of the effects of the increase of the death rates. Tours in Cambodia

The Life of Cambodia

River life

River life – source:

For life of Cambodian in rural area, agriculture makes up 90% of the large domestic product or income; showing the traditional mainstay of the national economy of Cambodia.  However, rice has played an important role as the primary good. As a matter-of- fact, rice is the most necessary economic factor in the agrarian society of Cambodia. Corn, soy beans, dry beans, cassava, sweet potatoes, sesame seeds, ground nuts and commercial crop of rubber are the secondary crops that contribute to the national economy of Cambodia.

Cambodia only has few sources of foreign exchange and rubber is one of the most potential factors. After it, sugar cane, cotton, and tobacco are other commercial crops. Livestock was also raised as an essential part of their economic life of the Cambodians or Khmers. For instance, both oxen and water buffalo play an essential role in the preparation of rice fields. Freshwater fish is the most popular dish in Cambodian meals thanks to the high quantity of protein it provides.

Differences in the City Life and Rural Living

In a Cambodian village

In a Cambodian village – source:

During the 1970s, as a result of the terrible rules of the Khmer Rouge regime, many Cambodians were forced to get out of their cities. Consequently, most of the population stays in the rural regions. In urban areas, there are only about 10% of the citizens of Cambodia. During the Khmer Rouge period, families were divided and killed. The period also dictated the overall dynamics of the country. In the rural lands, poverty and farming is the only life that the Cambodians residing here know. Even though, poverty also exists in the urban lands, there are more opportunities for power and the development of economy. Today, business community supports the urban life of Cambodia. Banks, restaurants, schools, and factories have influence on the urban Cambodia.

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