One Day Tour of Battambang Cambodia

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One Day Tour of Battambang Cambodia

Cambodia’s second largest city after Phnom Penh, Battambang is such a laid back town. While Phnom Penh may remind you of a mini version of Bangkok, Battambang rolls along at a more relaxed and much different pace. The buildings are shorter, the streets are quieter and the air, while still extremely hot, is less polluted. You can visit Battambang with Indochina travel

Bamboo Railway is what Battambang is the most famous for

Bamboo Railway is what Battambang is the most famous for-source: Internet

Even though the Bamboo Railway is what Battambang is the most famous for, this cool Cambodian town offers many more things to do and see. In spite of its size, Battambang still retains its peaceful riverside charm and remnants of French colonial architecture, which most travelers fall in love with!

The central shopping area is home to a mix of the liver-spotted remains of French colonial-era buildings, Khmer 1960s structures and Chinese shopfront-style buildings. Nowadays, developers, who would rip down what remains of the lovely town center buildings and replace them with ugly, modern edifices while they still, can are the principal flies in the ointment. Hopefully, they will not get too far with their plans. Cambodia travel tours

The magnificent landscape highly varies

The magnificent landscape highly varies-source: Internet

Outside the boundaries of the city, more moderate temperatures and rich soils make Battambang the food basket of Cambodia, and for a lush green countryside that is a fresh air-gulping joy to discover by bicycle or tour or on a tuk tuk or moto.

The landscape, often magnificent and highly varies in this large province, morphs from vast wetlands and marshes around the rim of the lake into extensive rice paddies dotted with limestone outcrops and then rolling orchard-blanketed hills around the Pailin enclave, before finishing with rugged forest-clad slopes abutting the mountain ranges in Southern region. Battambang was traditionally a wealthy trading town as well as being the second largest city of the kingdom and the provincial capital is home to the kingdom’s best farming land.

Bamboo Railway

Bamboo train

Bamboo train-source: Internet

Used to transport goods in the past, the Bamboo train, which is about 10-15 minutes outside town, has become really popular with tourists. Your bamboo car will quickly be dismantled and taken off the track to make way, only to be reassembled after the train has passed when there is another cart coming from the opposite direction.

Phnom Sampeu

Phnom Sampeu

Phnom Sampeu-source: Internet

After a short afternoon break from the heat, Phnom Sampeu, a mountain that strangely sticks out of the flat, rice paddy covered landscape, is which you should head for. Although it may take a good 20-30 minutes, it is well worth your effort. Upon your arrival, you may see bats by the millions beginning to fly out of a cave in the side of the mountain. Millions keep pouring out. Pretty ridiculous! Once having had your fill of bats, let’s head up the mountain! Another location used by the Khmer Rouge in their oppressive regime, Phnom Sampeu is where a few killing caves were used as mass graves and now bear memorials to those who met their end, as well as the resting place of a World War II relic.


Lok Lak in Battambang

Lok Lak in Battambang-source: Internet

Just down the street from Chayya, you can find a large market providing the cheapest option, but both of your meals there may be quite disappointing. Dotting the surrounding area, restaurants usually run from $3-$5 a plate. Directly out-front of Chayya, the restaurant to the right is quite satisfying. Lok Lak should always be a good option in Cambodia. In comparison to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, nightlife is scarce and Anchor drafts are surprisingly difficult to come by.

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