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People in Cambodia

Traveling to Cambodia, you should find out through the customs and practices of their characteristics, especially humans. We would like to introduce to you one of the psychological features that you should know.

  1. Social relationship:

Khmer people prefer to live in peace, away from crowded places.

This is place of Buddha

This is place of Buddha – source:

Home: Cambodians prefer to build houses facing south.

When at home: On the left door is a place reserved for the old women (older people). The right side is the seat reserved for the small children.

Bedrooms: Cambodians do not like strangers in the bedroom, especially bedrooms of women and girl. They are usually located on the south turn heads. Tours Indochina Cambodia

Abstention: The Cambodian abstain touch the head, so that, nightstand is where more than abstinence.

  1. Psychological characteristics:

Cambodian – source:

Khmer is honesty, patience with the difficulties, hardships endured during labor. Everyone wants to polite society. Others prefer the old women respected by others, women often shy. Both young and old are gentle heart, not like people bragging, lying. So if someone lied, deceived people of Cambodia once it is enough to lose faith even lead to hatred.

  1. Customs:

Cambodians are Buddhist. They can send their children to religious practices before marriage because the notion that ancient Khmer: Being a monk educated, savvy enough to new livelihood in society. Since that early age only in temple schools should have the “practice”. Currently customs was virtually erasily most. Each zoning villages have separate schools.


Khmer people in some areas believe in evil spirits, gods, medium, so they would love to worship.

  1. 4. Dress, makeup:

– Interest sported.

– Children: Prefer colorful dress colorful.

– Women: harmonious colors like jewelry.

– South: follow fashion.

– Aging: can shave their heads “and keep the precepts” wear white y to temple (on days 8, 15, 30 Buddhist calendar month)

Cambodia dress

Cambodia dress – source:

TET holiday

Cambodia held the annual traditional holidays from 15 to 16 April calendar. Every New Year Khmer villages and sweeping home improvement clean. Before the house they put a table with candles, incense, flowers and fruit to divine procession, in their house very beautiful decoration. At night they lighted candles and lanterns color variety brightly. During Khmer New Year represents new clothes to temple area, went to wish health, progress to the grandparents have the thanks and cousins ​​from near and far. As for the young men and women they play tug and throwing. They are friendly and you can easily talking with them.

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