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The magical hand of nature seems to have bias towards Cambodia when giving this country so many glamorous beaches. Specially, Cambodia’s beaches have ethereal beauty, which makes you feel lost in a legendary world. The following top beaches are the ideas for beach lovers to have great experience. Being a short drive away from the capital city, Phnom Penh, the best beaches in Cambodia can easily be reached in a few hours by bus or car. You can read more: travel Indochina Cambodia

  1. Victory Beach, Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is a province of Cambodia surrounded on three sides by the Bay of Thailand. The main attraction of this land is the array of sandy beaches Sihanoukville has to offer. You will be confused for choice when it comes to beaches in Sihanoukville and Victory Beach is one of the ideal choices.

Victory Beach is best known for its incredible views of the town and port. Sun chairs, umbrellas, seafood, restaurants, bars, and even a nightclub can be found right on the beach. Moreover, Victory Beach has also developed a reputation for its incredible sunsets. Closing your eyes and starting to hear the sound of waves, you can feel the rays of the sun warm up your face and slowly trickle down your skin.

Victory Beach in the sunset

Victory Beach in the sunset -source: internet

  1. Koh Rong

Koh Rong is the star of the islands in Cambodia. With white sand beaches, Koh Rong is a tropical paradise and one of the loveliest islands. This beach offers the type of place you would imagine. Immaculately pristine with practically effervescing white sands and warm mint colored waters, we can’t think of a more ideal location. This beach is truly gorgeous and includes seven bays, all teeming with marine life, which is great for diving. The island is quite large, and covered with intriguing opportunities for visitors, including coral reefs and diving. Take a deep breathing and relax, you can enjoy this life in a natural way. Travel to Cambodia to enjoy the best beach

Koh Rong in summer

Koh Rong in summer -source: internet

  1. Koh Ta Kiev Beach

Koh Ta Kiev is a long, narrow, sandy stretch of beach with a nice choice of hotels and budget guesthouses and bars located on or near the beach. The yellow sand here is fine and perfect for sun bathing, while the water is perfect for swimming. There are plenty of seafood shacks and bars on this beach. Visitors come here can easily take advantage of the beach parties which run late into the night. Especially, trekking through the jungle offers something to do for the more adventurous things.  Let’s try trekking paths through Koh Ta Kiev’s jungle if would like to do a bit of wildlife exposure. One path takes you to the local fishing village on the east side, another leads you to Naked Beach on the south of the island.

A picture of Koh Ta Kiev

A picture of Koh Ta Kiev -source: internet

  1. Sokha Beach

Sokha Beach is a wide sandy beach stretching over a kilometer in length. It is open to the general public as well as guests of the resort. A number of luxurious bars and restaurants can be found here to serve thousands of tourists every year. This beach is known for particular golden sand and numerous pine trees. Furthermore, marine life and rich coral makes Sokha Beach become one of the best locations for snorkeling in Cambodia. If you strongly desire to see something unique, hang around until nightfall, the cool atmosphere and sparkling scenery will make you feel like lost in paradise. This is really a destination which is worth waiting for.

Sokha Beach in a sunny day

Sokha Beach in a sunny day -source: internet

With great natural beaches, Cambodia attracts an enormous number of travellers each year. Let’s try visiting these beaches once in your life to enjoy the gifts of nature and to understand more about an Asian tropical country with particular characteristics.

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