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Siem Reap food to enjoy

Besides the Buddhist temple and the Angkor Wat, Cambodia is famous for its original and appetizing cuisine. Let’s travel and enjoy top must-eat food in a beautiful in Siem Reap – the Northwestern town of Cambodia.

  1. Prahok

Prahok is globally famous as a distinctive characteristic of Cambodian cuisine. The locals have to prepare well processed fish, pepper, garlic, salt, sugar and cold rice to make prahok. First of all the fish will be processed and then exposed to the sun for a day then mixed with all of the spice. This mixture will be kept in a jar for a few months. When it becomes pasty and the color turns into gray with a specific smell, prahok is able to eat. Not only a traditional food of Cambodians, this food is also a spice to be added into broth of some noodles dishes. Visit Cambodia with: Indochina travel to enjoy delicious food in Siem reap

  1. Amok Fish
Amok fish

Amok fish- source: internet

As Amok is the outstanding dish of Khmer’s cuisine, it is easily found in Siem Reap. Served in a fresh coconut or sometime wrapped in banana leaf with the coconut cream on top, Amok has an eye-catching look attracting foreign tourists. Locals usually use white fish or catfish as the main ingredient of amok, which is actually a thick yellow curry. In addition, the key of Amok’s unique flavor is also the spices that come along with fish in this dish. Prahok, brown sugar, garlic, lemongrass, galangal, salt, chili paste and coconut milk are the indispensable spices though every family here has their own recipe for this special food. Amok is also served with rice.


  1. Green Mango Salad
Green mango salad

Green mango salad- source: internet

The green mango salad is a beloved dish of not only the locals but also the international travelers in Cambodia, which has many good mango varieties. Made from tart green mango, green mango salad is seasoned with red hot pepper, sugar, minced garlic, fish sauce, lemon juice, some types of fresh herbs. The amazing taste of the dressing and moderated sourness of green mango are the subtle point of this dish. You can order this dish as appetizer at any roadside food stalls or in every restaurant in Siem Reap as this salad is so popular in the region.

When walking down Siem Reap’s streets, you can’t stand making a mistake as there are so many the roadside food stalls selling fried insects. Not only reasonable but also having a high nutrition content, fried insects are so popular that it can be found at some luxury restaurants. Don’t miss a chance to visit a local market, which specializes in selling fried insects and where you can find a lot of kinds of insect such as: crickets, wasps, silkworms and spiders. Insects are seasoned with sugar, salt, chili and herbs and then deep fried into oil pan. Fired insects are so crispy and taste really good.

Khmer cakes

Khmer cakes- source: internet

Made with mung beans, taro and a few preserved bits of fruit on top to give it sweetness, the Khmer cakes are sweet yet savory. The perfect combination of sweetness and savor is the special thing of this Khmer cake making it not only another good option for sweet-tooth but also beloved by everyone. Eating these Khmer cakes, you will find some small pieces of dried fruits on top as well as taro mung beans inside. You can feel a bit crunchy outside and soft inside which gives you the interesting joy of eating non-stop right at the first bite.

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