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Siem Reap local food

Being full of adventure, fun, history and at times full of weirdness, Siem Reap is such an awesome place. Imagine you are really hungry while walking on the streets of the local markets in Siem Reap after a long day exploring this city, you will definitely feel an exotic aroma of spices fill the air. Your nose will pick up the scent while your captivated body unconsciously gets dragged towards it. You will have several opportunities to creep out on the streets of Siem Reap. Indochina tour Cambodia

Barbeque Frogs in Siem Reap

Barbeque frogs


It might take someone who is travelling to a South-East Asian country for the first time a moment to realize that it is actually not a miniature chicken on a stick but a frog. At most street side stalls and restaurants in the Old Market, as well as the Night Market in Siem Reap, you can easily find these frogs available. To enjoy it, do not forget to dip them in a Red Curry Cambogee. Almost like Barbequed chicken, a bit extra juicy from the inside, though, they are pretty good to eat. Visit the Old Market and buy fresh, beheaded frogs if you want to make them on your own.

Deep-Fried Crickets and Grass Hoppers

Deep-Fried Crickets


You will meet no difficulties identifying them from a far distance. You can suddenly notice a huge pile of these brown, crispy insects right beside a fruit seller in Old Market. It does not cost you much around half a dollar to enjoy this dish. What makes you more surprising is that local people often eat or buy one pile of them at a time. It is not difficult to make this dish. All you need to do is catch a healthy grasshopper without squashing it, dip it in corn flour, sprinkle on it some kinds of herbs, deep fry it and of course, enjoy! It’s time to enjoy your crunchy evening snack. Cambodia travel tours

Barbeque Snake

Barbeque Snake


Let’s take a fresh juice from a street vendor in Night Market and ask the vendor on the side for a grilled snake as the night sets in and you are in mood for a healthy protein rich snack. Barbeque snake which is amongst the favorite street foods in Siem Reap, costs you for around $1 per snake. They often serve you regular sized snakes which are beautifully arranged on a stick. Chewy in taste, they are much like the rubbings of an old tyre. Please do keep a glass of juice handy and don’t believe anyone who says they taste like chicken.

Magic Stick Ice-cream

Magic Stick Ice-cream

Magic Stick Ice-cream-source:

Magic stick ice-cream is just an ice-cream in a weirdly shaped cone, this one is not creepy and does not involve any creepy or dangerous or animals. Shaped like a walking stick, the corn-flour cones or sticks are filled by ice cream. The creamy swirl at the two ends creates a very amazing shaped ice cream. It is fun to figure out whether to hold it like an actual stick or like a pipe although eating it can be puzzling. Go to the Old Town and buy the Magic Stick Ice-cream at around $2. You can always have your share of the weird street food of Siem Reap from this delightfully weird ice-cream if eating fried spiders and Barbequed snakes is a bit extreme for you.

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