To take photo of the temples of Angkor

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To take photo of the temples of Angkor

Now being a point of pilgrimage for all Cambodians, the temples of Angkor, whose extravagant beauty attracts all travelers to the region, are the perfect fusion of spiritual devotion and creative ambition. Once coming to these temples, everyone will not miss a chance to take some stunning photos.  Indochina tour Cambodia

Get access to the temple with the light behind you

Photo of Buddhist monks walking through Angkor Wat

Photo of Buddhist monks walking through Angkor Wat –

Do not forget to check where the sun is and approach the temple with the sun behind you so that the stones are beautifully lit as you can approach to most temples from different directions: East, West, South, North and a shot can be spoiled by too many shadows.

Take photos right through the day- Angkor Wat

Not locked up at night, the less-known, smaller, yet equally interesting temples are available for you to start your exploration at sunrise when it is likely that you are the only person there. However, it is a must to get your temple pass in advance. Especially if it is a bit misty, this allows you to indulge your adventurous fantasy and makes for some very atmospheric photos.

If you want to try and avoid the crowds while visiting the very famous temples, at midday, as almost tourists head off to lunch is such an ideal time.

Tourists take photo of Angkor Wat

Tourists take photo of Angkor Wat-source:

Angkor Wat still makes itself outstanding at sunset, when the tall vegetation covers many of the temples under its shadow. But, at sunset, Angkor Wat which is bathed in warm yellow light, is still great to photograph thanks to its large open space. If you want to capture a dramatic silhouette with the sun behind, it is also such a stunning temple to photograph at sunrise.

 Vary your perspective

Not only up and down, do not forget to move around your subject and take several nice photos when you go. Try a different angle to add something unique to your photography.

Add a sense of scale by photographing people

Add a sense of scale by photographing people

Add a sense of scale by photographing people-source:

Including a person in the shot is a good idea if you want to demonstrate how large something is. As from your sitting point, the person you want to take should be at the same distance or even farther as the object you want to appear enormous, be careful! The person will appear bigger relative to the size of the object if he/she is closer to you than the object. Cambodia travel packages

Enhance Color

Change your White Balance setting to Cloudy or Daylight to add a bit of yellow to warm up the stone if you come to discover the temples in an overcast day and the stone of the temples looks a bit lifeless and grey.

 Allow lots of time to discover and photograph

Discover and take photo of the temples of Angkor

Discover and take photo of the temples of Angkor-source:

If you want to take a photo collection during your visit at the temples of Angkor, it is highly recommended to buy a good-value 3-Day Pass. It is well worth at least 3 days here. You can always take a break to visit the water communities on Tonle Sap Lake or the local markets in Siem Reap if you get temple fatigue.

Be a considerate photographer

Do not monopolize the stunning view of a gorgeous scene. Move aside so the next visitor can enjoy and photograph it too if you have got your shot.