Things to do besides the Angkor Wat in Siem Reap

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Things to do besides the Angkor Wat in Siem Reap

Siem Reap, which set in northwest Cambodia, is the most famous for being the gateway to the Angkor ruins, a complex of over 400 awesome ancient temples with the spectacular Angkor Wat as its central point – a sprawling listed heritage. But have you ever wondered about things to do besides the Angkor Wat here? Indochina travel agency

Morning aerobics as a local

Morning aerobics as a local – source: internet

Some morning aerobics must be for a real taste of Siem Reap as a local. Trust me, joining aerobics and you will burn off at least some of the snacks you ate at the night market the evening before. Led by an instructor with a boombox, the scene is a combination of popular and exciting dance and aerobics. Play recognize-that-song with the tunes, which are usually Western preferences paired with Cambodian lyrics. Around town, you can find a number of places offering the sessions, such as the grounds of the Cambodian People’s Party community center, which is situated opposite the park with the concrete animals along the river. The sessions are available in both mornings and evenings, according to sunrise and sunset, often about 6am–7am and 5pm–6.30.p.m. it costs each person about 2,000 riel or USD 0.50.

Alternatively, play the Cambodian version of hacky sack, called sai and make some new friends. Take the “ball” from a general store, stationery or toy store for about US 1, then pull it out and go. In the afternoon, you can easily spot kids and adults alike playing it.

The Phare Cambodian Circus

The Phare Cambodian Circus- source: internet

The Phare Cambodian Circus is a unique blend of Cambodian dance, traditional music, fire stick throwing, contortion, juggling, acrobatics, and tightrope walking incorporated into interesting stories tackling contemporary themes. Not only entertaining, the show is also for a good cause. The circus gives Phare performers, who are all from vulnerable households, a stable platform on which to build their artistic careers. Profits from the show support the Phare’s social and educational programs.

As there is no entry permitted after 7:35pm, get there early for the daily show which starts at 7:30pm. For adult “class B” seats, tickets cost about $15. The price is $35 for adults, for reserved “class A” front-row seats. Every few weeks, shows change. the jayavarman

Apsara show

Apsara show- source: internet

Lastly, one of the exciting and colorful traditional Apsara dance performances, which recreates the 1,000-year-old scenes of court dancing carved on the walls of the temples, is well worth checking out. From free with the purchase of a meal from an à la carte menu, to $40 or even more at 5-star hotels, which often consists of a three-course set menu, performances vary. For cheerful and cheap, on Pub Street, Temple Balcony offers daily performances from 7:30–9:30pm. If you are dining in their restaurant, you do not need to pay extra.

Check out Khmer New Year or Angkor Songkran, during which you can listen to Cambodian music, watch shows, take part in traditional Khmer dancing, martial arts and games as well as enjoy local snacks and picnics is a must- enjoyed activity if you are planning to be in Siem Reap in April. Not only being the number-one public holiday of Cambodia, it also gives a chance to observe locals celebrating in real Cambodian style.

Angkor Songkran

Angkor Songkran-source: internet

Travelers can check a schedule of events and locations of the annual event, which runs from the 14th to 16th April published in the Phnom Penh Post newspaper in the days leading up to it. Most advertised events are in sites along the riverfront, around the Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat temple and around the Pub Street and Old Market. At many pagodas outside the city, they also offer local events.

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