Tips for hiking in Southeast Asia

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Tips for hiking in Southeast Asia

When enjoying hiking trips in Southeast Asia, even experienced hikers, who are accustomed to walking in the national parks at their hometown, can find themselves unexpectedly in troublesome problems. Going trekking in the rainforests and jungles presents an entirely new set of chances for the law of “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” to take control! Visit Southeast Asia with Travel Indochina

The matter of common senses is hiking safety. To insure that you get home to make others jealous of your precious time on the trail, these simple precautions are well worth seeing.

Hike with Someone

Get someone along with you

Get someone along with you-source: Internet

Team up with others if you are planning to head out into the backcountry. In case something unexpected happens, getting someone else along is an insurance policy.

Tell someone where you are about to go

If no one knows that you need to be rescued, do not expect a rescue! Before beginning your trip, let someoneat the hotel, at the tourist authority and even at the parks office know where you are about to go and when you expect to be back. Travel to Cambodia

Stay on the Trail

Most of the things that want to bite you hide off of the trails, you reduce the risk of getting lost and you avoid trampling endangered plants are three reasons why you should stay on the worn trails.

Southeast Asia is paradise for hiking addicts

Southeast Asia is paradise for hiking addicts-source: Internet

Check the Weather

The number one killer of hikers in Southeast Asia is unexpected weather; rain turns the land trails extremely dangerous. The sheer volume of rain that appears during monsoons in Southeast Asia; quickly turn low trails into rivers of debris and mud will surprise any western hikers.

Allow more Time

Smart hikers still hit the trail early in the morning although partying the night before a big trek may be tradition. To get a buffer of daylight in case something goes wrong, you should know allow additional time for your hike. Besides, to avoid the scorching sun and increase the chances of observing wildlife, starting early is not a bad idea.

Start early to avoid scorching sun

Start early to avoid scorching sun-source: Internet

What to Take Hiking

Anyone who has been hopelessly lost will agree that: the simplest of a day hiking trip sometimes turns into an unexpected overnight trip.

Not unrealistic survival kits, these simple yet important items should be practical on every hiking trip:

Flashlight: Do not forget to carry a waterproof flashlight in case you are out longer than expected, as days beneath the jungle canopy are much shorter. You will be wishing that you had a flashlight when hiking in Laos, where finding wild caves is not uncommon.

Extra water: Bring extra water on every trip even though heavy and difficult to carry. Unlike hiking at home, hiking in the jungle humidity will make you sweat far more. You can get the risk of getting stomach parasites that are nearly impossible to cure if you dare to drink from even seemingly fresh rivers.

Hiking and know more about local people

Hiking and know more about local people-source: Internet

Snacks: The extra calorie boost is good for morale and energy since the trail gets tough, so remember to take along snacks which are high in carbohydrates. Bring enough food with you to satisfy until you get back to town for a qualified meal as the food carts are typically low quality and overpriced even around popular trail heads.

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