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Top 5 destinations in Cambodia

Travelling is one of the most effective ways to balance between work and life. So, what is more interesting than giving yourselves opportunity to experience in another country. From that, your minds will be refreshed and ready for any challenging work in the future. Indochina tours Cambodia

If you are still embarrassed at choosing another country, let’s come to Cambodia- a beautiful one located at Indochinese Peninsula. And following is top 5 attractive destinations which you can’t overlook when coming to this land of temples.

1. Angkor Wat Temple

Angkor Wat Temple is a temple complex and biggest religious relics of the world with 162.6 hectares. Being 317 kilometers far from Phnom Penh capital, it was established by King Suryavarman II in the middle of twelfth century to idolize God Vishnu of Hinduism.

The beauty of Angkor Wat Temple in the aurora

The beauty of Angkor Wat Temple in the aurora- Source:

Angkor Wat consists of more than 100 stone temples. The large temples, reliefs and lobbies are set up with natural and amazing shape. Therefore, this is known as an achievement of magnificent architecture, which shows the high level of geometry of space.

2. Angkor Thom Temple Complex

Angkor Thom- “Great City” is the last and most enduring capital city of the Khmer Empire. It was established by King Jayavarman VII in the late twelfth century. It covers an area of 9 kilometers with many temples from earlier eras by Jayavarman as well as his successors.

Angkor Thom followed Bayon style, which was showed by large scale of construction, the use of laterite as the main material, the face-towers in every entrance to the city and Naga giant figures in each towers.

Angkor Thom Temple Complex

Angkor Thom Temple Complex- Source:

3. Cambodian Royal Palace

Cambodian Royal Palace was constructed over a century ago to serve accommodation of the King of Cambodia, his family and foreign dignitaries as a venue for performances of court ceremony and symbol of Kingdom.

Cambodian Royal Palace

Cambodian Royal Palace – Source: www.cambodiaconsulate

It was established durably with many towering-shaping structures- one of the representatives of Cambodia. The entire palace was separated from outside by high sculptured walls. This is the reason why tourists can feel the royal atmosphere when coming here. Cambodia travel packages

4. Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap is a system which combines the lake and the river, so it plays an important part in nature of Cambodia. It is the largest fresh-water lake in Asia and was considered as a biosphere reserve of the world in 1997.

Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap- Source:

Moreover, Tonle Sap is also attractive destination by its floating houses, markets. Therefore, tourists can have many unforgettable experience when sitting on the boats and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere here.

5. Cambodia National Museum

Cambodia National Museum located at the center of Phnom Penh capital, was established during 3 years from 1917 to 1920. It owned the unique style which was mixed between Khmer and French construction because it was completed in French colonial era.

Cambodia National Museum

Cambodia National Museum- Source:

It is a priceless archaeological museum in culture and history of Cambodia because it is extremely magnificent with more than 5000 antique samples and collections about religion and art of Khmer from  century to century. Therefore, Cambodia National Museum is considered as storage of knowledge of Cambodian culture and people during the length of history.

No one can deny the interest of discovering a holy land as Cambodia. And top 5 mentioned destinations are the best choices for you to dip into the world of religion and culture. Furthermore, after that, you will surely have a new source of energy for challenges in your daily life.

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