Top special holidays in Cambodia

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Top special holidays in Cambodia

If you go to Cambodia at the time of the holidays, you will see many customs and religious character of the locals. Most of the famous festival in Cambodia often related to the Theravada Buddhist ritual. We have a profound impact on the lives of people. Even wars bloody Khmer Rouge can not destroy these holidays. There are top special holidays in Cambodia to discover.

  1. Meak Bochea

Meak Bochea is a very important festival in Cambodia. It was held in honor of the Buddha and his teachings. Usually takes place on the full moon of the lunar calendar in March, Buddhists celebrate by participating in a candlelight procession nearby temple. Travel Indochina Cambodia

An incredible scene in Meak Bochea holiday

An incredible scene in Meak Bochea holiday – source:

  1. Royal plowing ceremony (Pithi Chrat Preah Neanng Korl)

This is one of the famous festival, marking the beginning of the season good rice in Cambodia. Khmer people believe that the ceremony can bring a rich harvest, avoid drought and floods. Every year, when the festival began, was then poured tourists to Cambodia increased sharply.

Pithi Chrat Preah Neanng Korl holiday

Pithi Chrat Preah Neanng Korl holiday – source:

Justification for this huge boost, the Cambodian people that the reason lies in the attractive activities and specific nature of the festival. During the festival, the sacred cows will be fed a lot of rice, beans, corn and a drink is placed in the golden bowl.

  1. Date Ancestry – Pchum Ben

In the Khmer language, or Brochum Pchum means “an encounter.” Ben means “sphere made of something” like rice or meat. Ben Pchum festival originated from the Angkor era when people are under the materialists before Brahma or Buddhism.

Pchum Ben holiday

Pchum Ben holiday – source:

Pchum Ben is a very sacred holidays with the people of Cambodia. On this day, they visited at least seven temples to pray for peace offerings to the dead relatives and light candles for the souls navigation. Khmer also scattered around the temple rice field to the ancestral spirits are edible.

  1. Water Festival – Bon Om Touk

Bon Om Touk water festival in Cambodia takes place once a year on the full moon day in the month Buddhist Kadeuk (usually in November). Feature of the festival is the boat race on the river extravaganza. People are focusing Sisowath harbor to cheer their favorite boat.

Bon Om Touk water festival in Cambodia

Bon Om Touk water festival in Cambodia – source:

The festival is taking place all over the country, but the most striking characteristic is the race on the Tonle Sap river – Sweet River, right in front of Cambodia’s royal palace. Perhaps because of this good terrain, but every year on the holiday season, people eagerly preparing beautiful boat, the steering wheel and healthy passionate fans that the race becomes more attractive ever.

Hope you will enjoy these special holidays in Cambodia.

Travel lovers.

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