Traditional clothes of women in Cambodia

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Traditional clothes of women in Cambodia

Every country in the world has its own traditional costumes reflecting its beauty and culture and Cambodia is not an exception. Locating in South East Asia, Cambodia shares several common values with Thai, Lao and China. As a result, it is not surprised to see the similar of the traditional clothes among these countries. Tours on Indochina

So what is the story of Cambodian traditional clothes? And what can be reflected in the traditional costumes of a Cambodian woman? The following will help you to know!

The story of Cambodia’s traditional clothes

The traditional cloth of Cambodia is called sampot. Sampot is deprived from the Funan era when Cambodian people were forced to wear sampot as a command of Chinese diplomats. Since then, silk weaving has become an indispensable part of the local life, contributing to the creation of several types of sampot.

Cambodian women in their sampot

Cambodian women in their sampot -source: internet

Both Cambodian men and women wear sampot including a long skirt and a top. Sampot can be divided into the three most popular types, namely Sampot Chang Kben, Sampot Phamoung, Sampot Hol.

Sampot Chang Kben

It is interesting that each social class has their featured sampot. So when a woman wear Sampot Chang Kben, it is implied that she is from the upper and middle class.

The special of Sampot Chang Kben is that its bottom is more like a pant with 3m length and 1m width. This type of sampot is wrapped around the waist then pulled from the body and tighten a small knot. For the top, in the former days, Cambodian women just crossed their shoulder with a fabric called Chang Pong to cover chest.

Women in Sampot Chang Kben in the past

Women in Sampot Chang Kben in the past -source: internet

Royal family and government officials will wear Sampot Chang Kben along with a formal jacket. On special occasions, all Cambodian women will wear the Sampot Chang Kben.

Sampot Phamoung

Sampot Phamoung is made from high-end fabric of Cambodia, well-known over the region as yellow silk. There are up to 52 colors and 22 needles used to create a Sampot Phamoung. What make Sampot Phamoung the utmost luxurious type of sampot is that its fabric is twill woven, a Cambodian unique technique.

Women wear Sampot with more decoration

Women wear Sampot with more decoration – source: internet

Sampot Hol

Right from the name of this sampot, people can recognize its textile – hol, one of the three main silk textiles including the twill-patterned silk, the weft ikat textiles and hol in Campodia. This type of sampot is popularly worn by the young and middle age Khmer woman. Sampot Hol is strongly affected by Indian traditional clothes in the past. However, throughout the history, Sampot Hol has been changed to have the charming beauty at the present.

Sampot is also worn in performances

Sampot is also worn in performances – source: internet

Besides, there are other types of sampot with attractive features, namely Sampot Tep Apsara, Sampot Samloy, Sampot Chorabap, Sampot Sâng, Sampot Seai Sua, Sampot Lberk and Sampot Alorgn. Indochina tours Cambodia

Is it true nowadays?

Nowadays, sampot is still the proud of Cambodian people. There are more and more attractive design to modernize the traditional sampot. The tops of sampot is not just a fabric crossing the shoulder but fashion shirts! Khmer people living in poor and rural areas always feel comfortable to wear their favorite sampot, made from batik patterns imported from Indonesia, in stead of Western costumes.

Sampot is more tempting on stage

Sampot is more tempting on stage – source: internet

That is the story of Cambodia’s traditional costume! Are you tempting to charming sampot? Plan a trip to Cambodia immediately to try this beautiful traditional clothes by yourself!

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