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Travel North Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the new tourist destinations and the most attractive in the world. Cambodia isopened to tourists in the early years of the 90s and the number of tourists has increased every year.

Traveling to the North of Cambodia, visitors will see the old city of Banlung , this is a wild land with vast forests and is also inhabited by ethnic minorities , so here visitors will have an experience full living than other parts of this land. Indochina travel Cambodia

Banlung town is the capital of the eastern Ratanakiri Cambodia, with several famous tourist attractions like the Yeak Laom volcanic lake, Wat Rahtanharahn, waterfalls and national parks Chaong Virachey National Park. Especially when the valley to Banlung you will be visiting the rubber plant, gem mine.

  1. Yeak Laom volcanic lake:

This is a 700,000 year old volcanic lake, situated in a peaceful forest in protected areas Yeak Laom Commune. This area and the volcanic lake are a lot of Khmer Loeu considered sacred place and went into the lore of the people here.

Yeak Laom

Yeak Laom

There are two lakeside piers. You should swim and picnic held here. Lake is around 800m diameter and 47m deep, and surrounded by a trail for about 2.5 km for long pedestrian. Environmental and cultural center located on the trail Yeak Laom have exhibited fabrics and crafts Khmer Loeu. Entrance fee is 4,000 Riel pool area is far 5km from town.

  1. Banlung city:

The city is the provincial capital of Ban Lung in the mountainous of northeastern Ratanakiri Cambodia. It is small town, the people is quiet and peaceful, kindness and hospitality. We can call “the Ban Lung town forest” in the forest or in the city because there are many trees and many ancient trees with a small flap of primary forest in the heart of the city. Ban Lung is inhabited by 12 ethnic minority groups Loeu Khmer (Shanghai Khmer). Cambodia travel packages

Banlung city

Banlung city – source:

Ban Lung small city but has some very modern hotel , polite located downtown day . In the past few years , the city has attracted more and more tourists and foreign tourists come here , visit and scenic resort by remaining wild bold as the Khmer village Loeu gentle , naive , primeval forests , majestic waterfalls , gem mining , volcanic lake famous … Yeak Laom climate with very mild , pleasant. One day in Ban Lung also has four seasons in the Central Highlands (Vietnam): warm enough to wear during the day pretty cold enough at night to sleep … ai Khmer).

  1. Banteay Srei:

Banteay Srei is a temple of Angkor lies 25 km to the northeast, was built in 967 AD, built mainly by fluorescent red sandstone, with a lot of decorative sculpture on a gorgeous stone.

Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei

You will have unforgettable trip in the North Cambodia.

Travel lovers.

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