What to visit in Angkor Wat Cambodia

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What to visit in Angkor Wat Cambodia

Cambodia is famous for the templ , the temple has a unique architecture . Whereby it becomes a country with tourism thrive. Most especially, not to be missed when traveling in Cambodia is Angkor and Siem Reap. Come to any tourist destination too, the experience of travel and certain knowledge about the culture of that place is very necessary. Travel Indochina


Angkor – source: viettq.vn

You can have a nice trip if you know more about what to visit in Angkor Wat

Angkor Tourism requires tourists to buy tickets. These types of tickets are valid on the time and range of different tours. It is best to engage tourists sightseeing tour and guided. Thus although a bit expensive cost of the union, but in return they will guide tourism group should buy the ticket type is appropriate for the tour as well as taking advantage of the time to discover more, for travelers have time to watch, take souvenir photos. If it was a spontaneous trip, tourists are easy to buy expensive tickets that range and little time to visit, unfortunately they lost to waste more time.

When exploring Angkor, there are places where it is sunny, no shade or a shade cane. So that visitors have to equip themselves with costumes from the sun, such as wide-brimmed hats, coats, scarves and trousers, though, if there is a bottle of mineral water will be better, supplements health aids having to walk under the hot sun. Tours in Cambodia

You can have all time to explore all the temples here, but some tourists don’t have time, these beautiful and unique temple here are places you can not miss when visiting Angkor ancient culture:

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat – source: lonelyplanet.com

Temple sat really huge and brilliant, is surrounded by a large wall. In front of the temple is a lot of lakes are planted lotus, look very graceful. Because of its very famous, Angkor Wat should always crowded tourists from around the world to visit. Field who usually flock here from before 6 am, long queues under the lake in front of school to watch the sun rise, and then a visit to the main temple. Waiting in line to climb on top of the tower and you will see, the wait was not in wasted.

Top of Angkor wat

Top of Angkor wat – source: vietnamplus.com

You can try for climbing to the top of this temple, where you can zoom eye look at the beauty of this place. Scenic view from outside and ancient architecture make you feel amazing.

On each tower is a giant faces carved into rocks overlooking the four directions. Faces bearing mysterious smile made ​​Bayon become one of the most impressive temples and Angkor’s most emotional.

Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm – source: amazingtravel.com

It not like most of temples at Angkor, this temple has neglected the condition as new building: landscape plants around the ruins and the jungle that surrounds it has made it one of the temples at Angkor tourists visited the most.

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