Visiting Ta Prohm temple

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Visiting Ta Prohm temple

Cambodia is a beautiful country which is located in the Indochinese Peninsula. For recent years, this country has become one of the most attractive destinations in Asia. Especially, this is considered as the nation of pagodas, temples and churches. Indochina travel service

Ta Prohm is a mysterious temple which is about 14 kilometers far from Angkor international airport. This is a special one with many ancient trees which have grown on it, which makes the curiosity of many travelers. Some people say that this temple has the holy power which nobody can explain and understand. This is the reason why more and more tourists come here to visit Ta Prohm temple.

The history of Ta Prohm temple

In 1184, Ta Prohm temple was established under King Jayavarman VII dynasty as the gift of the king for his mother. At that time, this temple’s name was Rajavihara. Nowadays, the archaeologists has found many gravestones which were engraved about the process of setting up the temple by Sanskrit.

The mystery of Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia

The mystery of Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia-source:

This temple was set up by approximately 80,000 employees. But the most surprising thing is that the king used more than 500 kilograms of gold, many diamonds, pearls, gems and many other gemstones to decorate for this temple.

However, in the late  century, because of the foray of Burmese army for a long time, Ta Prohm was robbed heavily and all the property disappeared. Many years later, this temple had been surrounded by the primary forests. Until the late of century, this temple was preserved.

The unique feature tourists can see when visiting Ta Prohm temple

Ta Prohm temple is 1000 meters in height and 650 meters in width. There are 2 entrances leading to the temple from Eastern and Western side. Moreover, in this special temple, there are 37 towers with many sizes and many embossments which were engraved delicately on the walls.

Tourists are taking photos with the embossments in Ta Prohm temple

Tourists are taking photos with the embossments in Ta Prohm temple-source:

Some ancient trees has grown and spread to the top of this temple, which makes the unique impression. The strangest thing is that these roots don’t hide the face of the embossments, which gives tourists the imagination of the spiritual aspect. Therefore, this temple was chosen as the scene of a famous film called: “The secret of the ancient tomb”. Inside, tourists can feel the murky space with the mysterious lights. If you clap your hand, you can hear the loud echo from the walls. It is considered as one of the most unexplainable places for you to explore. Cambodia Discovery

The particular and strange roots of Ta Prohm temple

Passing the entrance, tourists can by shocked by the giant roots inside. It has grown freely and extended everywhere with the strange color such as dark yellow, brown and green because of the moss. Besides, these roots have many amazing shapes like the snakes.

The giant roots in Ta Prohm temple, which can make tourists very surprised

The giant roots in Ta Prohm temple, which can make tourists very surprised-source:

They connect to each other and the rocks, spread from this small temple to another one, which makes a not only beautiful but also unique complex. These roots develop freely and strongly like the enormous net which surrounds the temple. This is the reason why tourist always want to visit Ta Prohm temple to contemplate this strange and unique spectacle.

The roots has spread freely in Ta Prohm temple

The roots has spread freely in Ta Prohm temple-source:

Ta Prohm temple is one of the strangest and most unique destinations of the world. It attracts many tourists by the antiquity and mystery rather than the common magnification. If you have chance to come to Cambodia, you shouldn’t miss this special temple.

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