5 things to know before traveling to Myanmar

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5 things to know before traveling to Myanmar

Myanmar, a beautiful mysterious country in the South East Asia, has attracted a large number of tourists each year. People visiting Myanmar to enjoy magnificent architecture of golden Buddha pagodas in the tropical climate as well as seeing the interesting life there. Visit Myanmar with Indochina travel Myanmar

So what the best time to visit Myanmar is, where to do shopping, how to travel among tourist destinations and lots of things tourist should and shouldn’t do when travelling to Myanmar will be mentioned below.

  1. What is the best time to visit Myanmar?

Tropical climate in the South East Asian countries can really amaze you. However, on planning a trip to Myanmar, you are suggested not to go from March to May due to the extreme heat. So the great time will be between November and February with low rainfall and not-so-high temperature. However, lots of tourists visit Myanmar during November and December making everything costly. Tours in Myanmar

Check the weather before you visit Myanmar

Check the weather before you visit Myanmar – source: internet

  1. Where to go in Myanmar?

There are a number of tourist attraction along the country. Some of the most popular destinations are Shwedagon Paya, Mandalay Hill, Bagaya Kyaung, Shwe In Bin Kyaung and so on. Thus, check it out to have a wonderful trip to Myanmar.

  1. How to move between cities?

Tourist destinations are located in different parts of the countries so visitors will surely move between cities in Myanmar. The fastest way is surely by air.  There a lot of domestic airlines catering for flights among major cities, typically, Yangon, Heho, Mandalay, Nyaung U and etc. Another form of transportation is train. The train network also connects large cities and is rather economic.

Tourists move by train in Myanmar

Tourists move by train in Myanmar – Source: Internet.

  1. Where to do the shopping?

Tourists can easily find lovely souvenirs from duty-free shops, air-condition malls, department stores or supermarket with fixed prices. And don’t forget to visit markets in Myanmar, where you can bargain to purchase at best prices. Bogyuke Aung San market is one the kind you can shop for beautiful items.

Inside Bogyuke Aung San market

Inside Bogyuke Aung San market – Source: Internet.

  1. The don’t you need to know on travelling in Myanmar.

Above are popular questions from tourists going to have a trip to Myanmar. So these are the don’t travelers should notice when travelling to the country. First and foremost, don’t strive to reach places restricted to tourists. There are areas not opened to visitors for reasons so there is no need to touch these parts.

There are restricted areas tourists cannot reach in Myanmar

There are restricted areas tourists cannot reach in Myanmar – Source: Internet.

Secondly, on visiting Buddha’s pagodas and temples, you shouldn’t do such things as wearing shorts or bare shoulders, making noise, sit with your back toward Buddha’s image or step on monks’ shadow. They are all considered bad gestures and not likely to bring you luckiness. Always remember to treat people with respect and you will receive the same.

Not to step in the monks’ shadow

Not to step in the monks’ shadow – Source: Internet.

Thirdly, for eating tips, don’t eat as well as giving money with left hand. In addition, don’t drink tap water and always be aware of street food as they are not hygiene enough. If possible, eat in decent restaurants.

Breathtaking beauty of Myanmar

Breathtaking beauty of Myanmar – Source: Internet.

Last but not least, don’t wear shoes during your visits to local houses, pagodas and temples. There is a small tip that you should bring plastic bags to carry your shoes when you take off at the pagoda. It would save your time and you do not need to return the entrance to get the shoes.

So these are our useful tips and information for tourists on travelling to Myanmar. Hope they are helpful for your trip and have a great time discovering Myanmar.

Travel lovers.

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