Amazing Experiences For Your Cambodia Trip

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Amazing Experiences For Your Cambodia Trip

Travelers are already familiar with Cambodia through many famous sites, ancient temples, moss-covered rooms of extremely sacred and mysterious time. If you intend to set foot to understand and remember about Cambodia with a completely different view, do not miss the new experience for Cambodia travel later. Amazing Experiences For Your Cambodia Trip will take you a quick tour to these experiences. Travel to Cambodia with: Travel Indochina

Enjoy your own Cambodia with amazing experiences

Enjoy your own with amazing experiences- source: internet

Go in search of endangered dolphins

The famous river town of Kratie is the Irrawaddy Dolphin, a rare and very rare freshwater dolphin in the world. Currently, the Irrawaddy dolphin is a specie in high risk of extinction. There are only 66 individuals in the world living in the Mekong region. So, it would be a very enjoyable experience if you can personally admire the rare dolphin. To see the dolphins, you can go to Kratie, sail to the middle of the river, then wait for the gentle and intelligent dolphins to come out of the water.

Do not want to miss a change to see Irrawaddy Dolphin

Do not want to miss a change to see Irrawaddy Dolphin- source : internet

Bamboo Train Experience

Battambang is the second largest city in northwestern Cambodia, one of the country’s largest rice bowls, but it is perhaps the destination to impress the visitors as unique bamboo trains, an one and only means of transportation that can be only found in Cambodia. . These bamboo trains are actually a piece of wood that is creatively connected and has a small rear engine attached. Although it is a simple way of transport, it can be enjoyed by travellers¬† as the train can run on the rails with top of speed to 50 km/h. Bamboo trains are not only historical beauty and Cambodian creative invention but amazing attraction to travellers nowadays. Travel to Cambodia

The one and only bamboo train in Battambang, Cambodia

The one and only bamboo train in Battambang- source: internet

Visiting Local Houses On Lake

One of the new experiences for Cambodia trip that you can not miss is visiting the large fresh water lake- Tonle Sap. Tonle Sap is famous for its largest freshwater fish reservoir in Cambodia, so not only the natural scenery is alurring and the life of people living along the lake is also attractive to travellers.

Waterways have been associated with people’s lives, so they learned to live in harmony with nature, build special houses on stilts. In the rainy season, the water rises of houses are also raised about one meter. In the dry season, the houses descend to touch the water. Coming to Tonle Sap Lake, you can experience sailing, sightseeing and watching these special houses on the water and learning more about the unique culture of the people.

Zipline over Angkor Park

It may be not the first thing in your travel list to Cambodia, but this is not only great fun for all ages but a special experience to enjoy Cambodia nature. Imagine you fly through the lust rainforest on zip line, cross Suspension bridges and rappel from towering trees, take the Cambodia’s gorgeous natural landscapes fulfilled with fresh air in your lung. The focus on the way is much important on safety, but till the end of the flash trip it all enhances an amazing experience.

Soaring on treetop over Angkor Park

Soaring on treetop over Angkor Park- source: internet

Cambodia has an amazing, vibrant, one and only soul that rubs off on every people that goes within the border of this delicacy filled country. Amazing Experiences For Your Cambodia Trip is great preparation to fulfill your trip with unique experiences and interesting awareness .

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