Phnom Penh dishes with less than $2

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Phnom Penh dishes with less than $2

There is a lot to like about the amazing food scene in Phnom Penh, which is developing as quickly as the city itself. However, no matter how much it has changed, cheap eating is always what attracts travelers to come there. You can see more: Travel Cambodia and Indochina

Street donut at the Fried Food Stand ($0.25)


Donut- source: internet

The fried-food stand, standing just north of Phsar Kabko, opposite the eponymous cafe serves up doughnuts for just 1,000 riel ($0.25) a piece throughout the morning. Donuts here beat the competition at nearby Krispy Kreme by a mile: they are fluffy, light and dusted with only a little sugar. In the afternoons, they switch to tasty fried foods like sweet potato and fish. Here, all food is served with a warm smile.

Meatballs at Che Culo ($0.50)

Che Culo

Che Culo- source: internet

For a casual after-work cocktail, watering hole Che Culo is a place to go to, though expect those to set you back for at least $5. But the airy bar also provides frequent evening promotions on the Mediterranean-style tapas, perhaps none can compare with its Meatball Mondays. Perfectly seasoned, they are accompanied with a savoury tomato sauce – and each portion is served up all day for only 50 cents. However, a thing to remember is that: sure to keep you drinking apace as they are filling!

  • Address: Che Culo, No 6B Street 302.
  • Open time: 11am to midnight (1am Friday, Saturday). Closed on Sundays

Chicken skewers at 123Street ($0.50)

Street food in Phnom Penh

Street food in Phnom Penh- source: internet

The Yakitori spit-roasted chicken skewers coming along with satisfaction guaranteed are only available during dinner hours. For a piece of a thigh or heart, prices are at 50 cents, but for $0.70, you can also get pork and leek skewers. Also, there are veggies options: $0.50 for eggplant or mushrooms and cheese. It is still bang for your buck for a chicken set with rice, fries and salad for $3.75 with plenty choices of sauce choices even though the lunch-hour menu takes 123Street out of the under $1.50 bracket. tours in Cambodia

  • Address: 123Street, #52D Street 123.
  • Open time: 11:30am-3pm and 5:30pm-11pm. Closed on Wednesdays

Khmer curry or stir-fry at Phsar Kabko Café ($1.00)

Khmer curry or stir-fry at Phsar Kabko Café

Khmer curry or stir-fry at Phsar Kabko Café- source: internet

Phsar Kabko Café, which is situated just steps from the offices of the Post, is where you can enjoy Khmer favorites for a quick and cheap lunch, best enjoyed family-style on their airy balcony. Pork with ginger stir-fry, fish amok and red chicken curry – picked out at the hot-tray display downstairs before taking your seat – most of which will set you back for 4,000- or 5,000-riel per serving, are some of the best among their dishes. However, they often run out, be sure to arrive early.

  • Address: Phsar Kabko Cafe, Street 9.
  • Open time: 6am-9pm every day

Lunch with dessert at Cool Kids ($1.25)

Lunch with dessert at Cool Kids

Lunch with dessert at Cool Kids- source: internet

Tucked away on Street 294 and easily missed among the long row of Khmer eateries beside it, Cool Kids – the name of the clothing shop that once stood at the same position – serves up classic Khmer breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the price ranging from $1.00 to $2.00. At lunchtime, you can get a main course with rice and a rotating dessert for 5,000 riel ($1.25). The chean choun (fish with ginger and peanuts) and the fried chicken with ginger are well worth a shoutout.

  • Address: yellow awning one door down from the corner of Streets 294 and Sothearos Boulevard.
  • Open time: 5am-8pm every day

Jam pancake at L’Irresistible ($1.25)

Jam pancake at L’Irresistible

Jam pancake at L’Irresistible- source: internet

L’Irresistible, the brainchild of Action Cambodge Handicap, an NGO providing vocational chances for disabled Cambodians, serves up awesome house-made jams in a wide array of flavors, including pineapple, mango and ginger. The jam pancakes even taste that much sweeter when you know you are supporting a good campaign.

  • Address: L’Irresistible, #174 Street 454.
  • Open time: 7am-5pm. Closed on Mondays

Pork taco at Kaifun ($1.50)

Pork taco at Kaifun

Pork taco at Kaifun- source: internet

Divided into categories and dispensed around a courtyard set back from Street 334, various street-food options at Kaifun may be better described as unpretentious tapas. Each of the bite-sized servings here is on offer for $1.50, which makes for easy tasting. Numerous and simple, Kaifun’s recipes include Western-inspired sandwiches and tacos, noodle dishes, small pizzas – with nothing quite a standout. But prepared in the back of a refurbished baby-blue VW van, the pulled-pork tacos, which are served LA food truck-style in soft corn tortillas made in-house, and surprisingly spicy, may be your best bet.

  • Address: Kaifun, #25 Street 334
  • Open time: 12pm-9pm every day

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